Commitment to Wisdom

Bundle your Journey

Discover our pathway beyond 200 hours.

Bundle your journey to becoming an empowered teacher 

with InYoga's integrated pathway of learning to 500 hours and more.

InYoga's Advanced and Empowered Teacher Training Modules are now available with
 Pricing which allows you to register for more than one module at a time, 



  • Connect with a vibrant community of passionate students and teachers
  • Discover your authentic teacher within
  • Empower your life with InYoga’s unique wellbeing philosophy
  • Develop the skills to thrive in your life and as a teacher
  • Design your own learning path to suit your interest
  • Progress through individual modules that are integrated and complementary
  • Save more on each module by planning your study in advance
  • Learn at your own pace!

New Packages for 2024 announcing soon.

Package Booking Details

Do I have to select all my courses at time of booking a package?

Yes, all courses must be selected at the time of registration.

We know that continuing education is a significant investment in any profession. Package pricing is designed to help teachers keep their learning on track and by doing so we have scaled pricing on modules based on the total number of courses you register for at one time.

The more courses you are able to attend, the more you can save per training module!

Package Pricing tuition unfortunately can not be refunded, however can be transferred for other advanced or empowered modules.

How Does Package pricing work?

Once you have decided which courses are best for you and your schedule, simply select "Enquire Now" on the package that works for you and we will contact you to confirm all the courses you plan to attend, and process payment.

Still deciding which courses to choose? Browse the current training schedule!

What is the cancellation policy with Package Pricing?

InYoga aims to offer the highest quality continuing education for yoga teachers, and have introduced greatly reduced package pricing so that dedicated teachers can enjoy the opportunity to save on the costs of ongoing professional development.

As our class sizes are limited, and so that we can continue to offer an exceptional educational experience for all of our trainees, we ask that you do the following PRIOR to purchasing any packages:

* Ensure your schedule will allow you to attend the training dates and times without conflict (i.e. regular classes covered, leave confirmed, babysitters booked)

* If you will be joining us from out of town, ensure your accommodation and flights are confirmed.

* If you’re unsure about the number of modules you can commit to, we suggest choosing a smaller package, or book individual courses and take advantage of our early-bird pricing on single modules. 

Once enrolled in your chosen package, you acknowledge that you have accepted and agree to the Cancellation Policy specific to our package pricing:

No refund for cancellations

You may transfer to any 50-hour Advanced or Empowered Teacher Training Module within 2 years. 

For the reasons listed above as well as the tuition savings extended via our package pricing, we are unable to make exceptions, regardless of circumstances and appreciate your understanding.