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Discover healthy movement patterns and building blocks of alignment for stability and endurance

Our Align classes teach you about healthy movement patterns in your physical body for optimal well being.  You’ll learn the important building blocks of practice from the ground up – cultivating core stability, endurance (yes, we may hold the poses a bit longer!) and mental clarity. Align classes offer an engaging practice for all levels of experience, and give detailed attention to alignment, technique and breath. If you’re new to yoga, healing an injury, or re-introducing yoga to your life, an Align class will connect you to the essentials of a strong and healthy yoga practice. If you already have a regular practice, revisiting core principles will assist you in taking your practice deeper with the right blend of strength, stability and flexibility.




Combine rhythmic movement and breath for fluidity, grace and ease

Our Flow classes combine rhythmic movement and breath, linked together in powerful, intelligently designed sequences that will help you develop yogic skills in both form and fluidity.

Our practices are steady and mindful, moderately paced, and always have a purpose. You’ll be guided seamlessly through an uplifting physical experience, cultivating a quality of attention and mindfulness that will have you moving with grace and ease, while feeling truly balanced in mind and body. Our Flow classes allow all levels of yogi to practice to their own ability -  as a beginner you’ll learn the foundational principles to keep building on. If you’re a seasoned yogi, our highly trained and passionate teachers will encourage you to explore depth in your practice with a myriad of possibilities and variations to discover.



Progressive Flow

Explore more complex asanas through intelligently designed sequences

Progressive classes build on the foundational principles learnt through our Align and Flow classes, and give you the option to move into more complex asanas with safety and awareness of function. This class is great if you’re looking to play your edges and explore the practice of arm balances, inversions, backbends and other more challenging asanas; but want to do so at your own pace and with respect to your personal yoga experience. You’ll be guided through an intelligently designed sequence with appropriate stages towards peak asanas, but with plenty of options for those who enjoy a moderate practice.  Ideally some experience is recommended for this class, however our teachers are always able to accommodate those newer to yoga with modifications.



Lunar Flow

Mindful movement and embodied meditation to rejuvenate and replenish your energy

Our Lunar Flow classes aim to cultivate a practice of embodied meditation, where you can move into harmony with all the layers of your being and awaken greater self-awareness. Within a sequence of mindful movement and rejuvenating vinyasa, you’ll be guided through powerful breathing techniques as a doorway into a clearer and more connected state of being.  Wonder and curiosity are the fuel for this vibrantly meditative practice.  Discover a more connected state of being through this vibrantly meditative flow practice.






Let go of physical tension & stress through this restorative yin-style practice

Our Release classes are the ultimate tonic for letting go of deeply-held tension in the body and mind, and unwinding stress-patterns in the nervous system.  Drawing on a variety of sources of wisdom from the Hatha yoga tradition, Taoist yin yoga, Tantric yin, myofascial release, qi gong, breath work, meditation and Yoga Nidra, our teachers create a nurturing environment for you to restore your vital energy and refill your cup.  You’ll experience longer holds in restorative asanas, while discovering the art of letting go through this quiet and peaceful practice. Release classes are for all levels of yogi - beginners to experienced.





Discover an instinctive and joyful approach to meditation

Our meditation classes are designed for everyday modern people to harmonise and create fluidity through all the layers of your being.  Based on ancient yogic science and years of research into modern day people’s meditative experience, you’ll be guided through an instinctive process to relax and release tension from your body,    connect to and balance your breath, create a quality of expanded attention to free your mind, and bring harmony to your emotions, allowing you to home to a sense of clarity and inner wisdom.  Join us for a unique and rejuvenating approach to the practice of meditation and discover that the state of meditation is innate, and every body can do it.