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Welcome to InYoga's Wellbeing Programs

What does it mean to be well?  

At InYoga, we believe wellbeing is your birthright, and that living a life of vitality, happiness and abundant energy should come as naturally as breathing.  Modern life is not always geared towards experiencing wellbeing on a daily basis, but we’re here to tell you that with simple practices and lifestyle adjustments based on a blend of ancient wisdom and modern science, you can revitalise your daily choices in the direction of wellbeing.  

We believe in using the wisdom of yoga as a foundational blueprint to lasting health. Alongside the physical yoga practices, we advocate daily meditation; pranayama; stress-reducing lifestyle strategies; an eating plan that consists of fresh, whole, seasonal plant-based foods; and connection to a loving, supportive community of people.  

Our mission is to help people live “A Life In Yoga”. We guide, inspire and support people to be the very best versions of themselves through our multi-layered wellbeing programs.

Our wish for you is that you create new patterns of health and wellbeing that enable you to fulfil your potential, whatever your walk of life, dreams or desires.  Living well means honouring the aspects of your life that you love, taking time to focus on the important things in life. We’re here to guide and support you in that process!

Check out the programs we have on offer:

  • A Life In Yoga lifestyle program - available at
  • Private consultation for yogic practices and lifestyle enhancements
  • Corporate workshops, team-building programs and yoga programs
  • Retreats (both local NSW and international)
  • Meditation courses and workshops

Corporate and Private Yoga

InYoga unique training centre is designed to give people the space to realise their full potential. Our tailored programs incorporate a mix of yoga, meditation, nutritional and wellbeing knowledge to create space for people to connect to their true potential, empowering them with the tools to live a vibrant life

Workplace yoga


We invite you to join us for a unique retreat experience, a luxurious deep dive into all that yoga has to offer in relaxing and rejuvenating environments. Your hosts, Nicole Walsh & Rod Galbraith, are InYoga co-owners and leading Sydney yoga teachers.

Little beach sunrise


At a InYoga our passion is helping people realise that everyone already has the innate capacity to cultivate meditative connection. The secret lies in demystifying the art of meditation so it can become a joyful skill that you love to explore daily.

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