InYoga Studio, A Sanctuary in the City

Welcome to InYoga

Welcome to InYoga Studio

Thank you for joining our community!

Our urban loft yoga sanctuary has been designed with you in mind, and within this light drenched space you’ll find all you need to flourish in your yoga practice and in your life. We look forward to sharing our love for yoga with you, and helping you reach optimal health, uncovering the most vibrant and dynamic version of yourself!

Our teachers are highly trained and passionate, heart-felt and fun-loving. Each and every one of our classes will engage your body and mind, allow you to connect to a deeper sense of self-awareness, and help you find the balance that is often lacking in our modern city-dwelling lives. No matter what your age, gender, level of experience or fitness, we’re sure you’ll find a class to suit - this is yoga for every body!

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About our Yoga

We offer a full spectrum approach to yoga as a lifestyle, starting with a physical practice on the mat. Yoga will cultivate strength in your muscles, joints and even the bones, while at the same creating more suppleness as you release holding patterns in your connective tissues (fascia). By letting go of physical tension through yoga asanas (postures), you will discover a new-found freedom in your movement.

At InYoga our mission is to guide you through a physical practice that transforms your body and mind, leading you to a place where you are able to experience states of ease, grace, joy and connection. Meditation is our end goal, because this is where the real “juice” of yoga lies. By letting go of effort and allowing yourself to settle into deep relaxation, you’ll discover a lightness of being that will stay with you long after the class is over.

Our regular daily classes are enhanced by workshops, trainings and events that cover a wide range of topics such as nutrition, yoga philosophy, meditation and mindfulness, pranayama, beginner to advanced yoga asana, music and seva.

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In the Flow

We offer primarily Vinyasa classes - an approach to yoga that involves transitioning gracefully from one pose to the next, synchronizing breath and movement into a seamless flow. Vinyasa yoga is an evolutionary path that explores all possibilities of breath and movement, cultivating sensitivity, subtlety and adaptability. In simple terms, Vinyasa refines our nervous systems towards being less reactive and more responsive to the change that is constant in our lives.

Vinyasa yoga may be experienced as either dynamic movement, which is an incredible pathway for creating the right conditions for meditation; or as restorative movement - recharging our batteries so that we can go back into activity with greater balance.