About InYoga

Creating InYoga

InYoga was created for people to connect with like-minded others, enriching their knowledge and experience of yoga both on and off the mat.

An innovative approach to the traditional philosophy of yoga lies at the heart of all that we offer. Yoga is any activity or path that leads to integration or wholeness of the human being. We acknowledge the traditional lineages of yoga, presenting them in a way that is relevant to modern, city-dwelling yogis.

Our vision is to guide you through an organic, evolutionary, living process of yoga to awaken your full potential. Through our classes, workshops, trainings and events, we encourage you to live, know and love a life in yoga.

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Although they didn’t technically meet through yoga, an introduction by mutual friends who knew of their shared love for downward dogs set the tone for an inimitable partnership. Could two yogis from opposite ends of the yogic spectrum find balance and bliss somewhere in the middle? Rod’s classical and traditional India-based yoga education and Nicole’s contemporary training found common ground in the idea that yoga is for every body. InYoga became the vehicle through which they share their intention to empower others to find balance and ease in their lives through the many paths of yoga.

Nicole Walsh

Nicole has been a driving force in the Sydney yoga community since she opened the doors of her first yoga studio in 2002. Over her 18+ year teaching career, she has become one of Sydney’s most respected teachers, and has greatly contributed to the growth and direction of contemporary Vinyasa yoga in Australia.  Aside from owning and managing some of Sydney's most successful yoga studios and training hundreds of teachers, Nicole is regularly invited to share her inspiration at yoga studios, festivals and conferences in Australia and overseas. 

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Rod Galbraith

A meditator for over a decade, Rod has devoted himself to studying the subtle arts of yoga. Drawing on his traditional studies with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (Art of Living) and the synergistic approach of his current teachers Lorin Roche and Shiva Rea, Rod is passionate about sharing the blend of contemporary and traditional yoga and meditation practices for yogis who live active modern lives. Rod is dedicated to sharing this empowering knowledge with people who are seeking to enhance their wellbeing, through classes, workshops and yoga teacher trainings.

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A history in yoga

Our Journey

December 2011

The beginning

Nicole and Rod share ideas about yoga and life over lunch at a Sydney cafe
January 2012

Love is in the air

Rod returns from a month in India and the two of them decide that hanging out together is a very good idea
March 2013

The idea for InYoga is born

The concept for InYoga is born while at the Byron Spirit Festival, to create collaborative and mindful events to bring the yoga community together in the spirit of giving back
June 2013

Our first event

The launch of InYoga was celebrated with "Yoga Groove" - a yoga dance party for the Sydney yoga community, featuring The Future Sound of Yoga, YogaBeyond and Simon Borg-Olivier. We raised money to provide 1,000 meals for the underprivileged through charity partner OzHarvest
July 2013

The end of an era

Nicole leaves her previous studio after twelve amazing years (and a teary goodbye). It’s time to move on to continue the evolution of vinyasa yoga in Sydney.
September 2013

Doing what we love

InYoga announces its inaugural Teacher Training Programs, workshops and master classes. Nicole begins her tour of yoga studios around Australia
December 2013

Everyone loves music

InYoga hosts a kirtan for popular yogi musicians Edo and Jo - a beautiful evening of bhakti yoga, helping to raise money and awareness for their new charity, A Sound Life
March 2014

A new wave of yoga teachers

InYoga welcomes 21 awesome yogis to the first of many teacher training programs - what an amazing, inspiring group of yogis!
March 2014

We find a studio space!

InYoga announces its brand new studio will open in Surry Hills in May … and the countdown begins…!
May 2014

Welcome to our urban warehouse-style sanctuary!

We opened the doors to our beautiful new space, and our community gathered to celebrate.
July 2014

Shine like the stars you are

Our first group of 21 teacher trainees graduate and venture out into the world to shine brightly as fully qualified yoga teachers