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New to Yoga


If you’re new to yoga, then welcome! You’re about to embark upon a life-changing journey into a new you. Aim to experience a variety of teachers and class types so you can find your groove and get a feel for what a regular yoga practice can do for you. Our friendly teachers will help to find the best option to suit your lifestyle and needs. 

Unsure which class is for you? 

Email us at and one of our friendly yogis will guide you into your first few classes to start your yoga journey.




Here are some tips to make a smooth transition into your yoga practice:

  • Arrive 15 minutes early to your first class
  • Let the teacher know you’re new, and if you have any injuries
  • Bring a yoga mat, or use one of our complimentary studio mats
  • Bring a bottle of water, and hydrate well before and after the class
  • Avoid eating a big meal 2 hours before class
  • Wear light-weight stretchy clothing for better movement
  • Stay right till the end of the class, relaxation is a profoundly beneficial part of the process
  • Listen carefully to the teacher’s instructions, and don’t push beyond your limits
  • Ask questions! Our teachers are there for you

After your first class

You will have used your body in way that it’s unaccustomed to, creating new neural pathways. A little muscle soreness is normal, and will dissolve quickly with good hydration, adequate nutrition and if not, a warm epsom salt bath. Don’t have unrealistic expectations about your progress - slow and steady is the way forward. The key is consistent and regular practice, you’ll be surprised at how easily your body will adapt to new information.

To continue your yoga journey, speak to one of our friendly staff or teachers to find the best pass option to suit your lifestyle and needs.

Welcome to InYoga

See you soon on the mat.