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Discover more ways to take your practice deeper, both on and off the mat. Inspiring workshops, 30 day programs, teacher training, music and seva events to connect you to your yoga community and help you to live a life in yoga.

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InYoga believes in giving back to the community and supporting those in need through all of its endeavours, offering 10% of profits to charity, and by creating opportunities for our yoga community to get involved in various seva projects.

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The story behind the studio

About InYoga

InYoga was created for people to connect with like-minded others, enriching their knowledge and experience of yoga both on and off the mat.

Our vision is to guide you through an organic, evolutionary, living process of yoga to awaken your full potential. Through our classes, workshops, trainings and events, we encourage you to live, know and love a life in yoga.

An innovative approach to the traditional philosophy of yoga lies at the heart of all that we offer. Yoga is any activity or path that leads to integration or wholeness of the human being. We acknowledge the traditional lineages of yoga, presenting them in a way that is relevant to modern, city-dwelling yogis.

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