Sarah Moore

Sarah’s yoga journey began in her 20’s diving into the structure and discipline of Ashtangha yoga. She started yoga as another form of physical exercise, however, Ashtangha yoga introduced many layers of mantra, pranayama and philosophy, which opened her curiosity to the path of teaching.

You will find her teaching alignment focused vinyasa yoga, has taught kids and teens, is very passionate about women's health, and loves teaching women in pre and post natal yoga. 

Sarah’s classes embody both physical and energetic alignment. She encourages students to stay focused and steady while flowing through sequences that build on strength and flexibility. Her classes begin simply and slowly, gradually building to add modifications and variations to encourage every practitioner level. 

Yoga for Sarah has helped her understand the many layers to the body and mind. Sarah has learnt her practice is more powerful the more she shows up in each new day, without the expectation of what is to come, but with a softness to practice from where she is at in that very moment. The yoga practice is the action that will enable us to move forward in all areas of life.

Our body talks to us in so many ways; the practice of yoga is a journey with many pathways to listen, and once you start, it is hard to stop! Sarah will inspire you to flow with the rhythm of your life, and enjoy the awareness that unravels from your practice.