Yogi Q&A October

InYoga is built on a strong community spirit and we love watching our student’s practices grow and expand.  Meet Brad Johnson. You may have seen Brad in your yin classes or at our reception sharing the latest photos of his precious bees!

Meet InYogi Brad - a man who loves his yin and his bees

Hi Brad!  

Tell us how you came to yoga and what is it you like?

My wife was watching InYoga being built, and as we only live close by, she decided to try out the new studio. She then suggested that maybe I should come along with her. At first I struggled, but now, I have improved ,and I’m starting to enjoy my practice! I really enjoy Yin, as it a more relaxing type of yoga.

You’re a regular Yin yogi!  What benefits do you get out the postures?

I think the holding of postures is a great challenge. Learning to breath into a pose, and controlling your mind when it gets tough. Teaching yourself that the discomfort (As Belinda says) will pass by saying "This too will pass" is the best advice I’ve been given.

How do you feel holding postures for a longer time and how do you deal with any challenges that come up?

Holding poses is, and has been one of the best and challenging things I have learnt at InYoga. Learning to breath into poses is hard, but now, being taught to breath, and to control my mind and thoughts, is making it more enjoyable.  As Cristina teaches "Breathe in for the count of four, hold, and breathe out for a count of six."

What’s your favourite yoga posture at the moment and why?

Considering before starting at InYoga I couldn't even cross my legs, I would have to say leg crossing was my favorite at the start.

But now? 


Once you’re in frog, the more you struggle, the deeper you get into the posture, the deeper the sensation, especially after what seems like five minutes, and the girls then say, "We have now passed the half way mark!"

This is when you need to concentrate on your breathing – LOL!!

Your love of bees  and their conservation is well known around the InYoga studio – tell us about this passion

I started keeping bees earlier this year after reading about pesticides and the effect they are having on reducing the number of bees worldwide. Once I started reading more, I was hooked.  We have a couple of hives at the foot of the Blue Mountains, and, as everyone knows at InYoga we document every change and improvement via photos and video.  We are currently about 4-6 weeks away from our first honey and everyone is excited!

Once you learn more about bees you soon realize how important they are to nature and the human race.

You have bees as pets in your backyard?

Currently we are talking to our body corporate, and hopefully soon we will be granted permission to start a couple of hives on our roof at Surry Hills. The hives we currently have are in the backyard at work. 

Can you suggest a council or group that InYoga students could contact if interested in bees joining their family

Sure, I did a course at Illawarra Beekeeping club at Sutherland (The Shire). It's a day course, and it gives you the basics, and the members are some of the nicest people you're ever likely to meet. The cost was around $250.  But there is the "UrbanBeehive” who also conducts classes. www.urbanbeehive.com.au

One thing you'll will find with Beekeeping people is they love bees,  they love the environment and they love to help people get into beekeeping  So if you’re thinking about beekeeping look up the above contacts, and get involved!

InYoga local yogis can also contact City of Sydney council to find out more about urban beekeeping courses.

Thanks Brad!