Yoga teachers: Getting started as a new teacher

Congratulations on gaining your teacher training certificate - now it’s time to start laying the groundwork for your teaching career.  

Be prepared to put in the effort to seek out teaching opportunities, as they generally don’t just fall in your lap! The more positive and pro-active you are, the more successful you’ll be in securing teaching gigs.

1. Get your paperwork in order

Insurance is the first priority - make sure you have adequate insurance for professional indemnity and public liability.  It’s also a good idea to update your First Aid certificate so that it’s current. In Australia you’ll need to renew your general first aid every three years, and CPR every twelve months.  It’s definitely something every yoga teacher should have, and some employers will require it.

2. Write your “Yoga CV”

You may feel like there’s not much to go in your CV yet, especially if you’ve just graduated and haven’t had any teaching experience.  Focus on aspects of your current career that translate into the realm of teaching - think of qualities that you have that yoga teachers need to embody, and highlight these. Mention your passion and purpose as a teacher, where your people skills lie, and focus on your availability and punctuality. Make your CV memorable, have good quality images (not necessarily doing advanced poses) so that whoever you give it to can make a connection with you and remember your face, beautiful smile, warm personality etc.

3. Where to teach?

The obvious answer to this question is yoga studios, right? You’ll probably find most dedicated yoga studios want teachers with some experience. But don’t be put off by this. Ask if studios have community classes that you can teach (many do), or see if you can go on the sub list.  I would recommend actually going to the studios you’re interested in teaching at, take their classes, meet the teachers (and if possible the studio owner or manager) and really get a vibe for the place. Would your teaching style fit in here? Is this a place you can develop and grow your skills? Gyms are also a great option, as most now have yoga on the schedule.  Again, drop in and see the manager, give them your CV, offer to teach a trial class for them and go on their sub list.  

There are SO many places to teach yoga - health clubs and spas, offices and corporations, complementary health practitioner practices (chiropractors, physiotherapists, naturopaths), community halls, recreation centres, sports clubs, privates in your own home if appropriate or travel to people’s homes, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, parks and public places - the list goes on. You’ll need to be creative and look for opportunities.  

Good luck!

Written by Nicole Walsh