Yoga teacher's inspiration: Why do you teach?

You’ve probably figured out by now that teaching yoga and practicing yoga are not the same thing! Most of us start out teaching yoga because we absolutely love yoga, we love practicing yoga, and we love talking about yoga.  When yoga occupies a large portion of our daily thinking, it’s a natural progression to start thinking about teaching yoga. Why not? If you’re in a job or career that is less than fulfilling, the idea of spending your days teaching yoga becomes very enticing! Imagine doing what you love all day every day and getting paid for it!  Right?  

To be able to enjoy a career (either part-time or full-time) as a yoga teacher, we must absolutely love the subject of yoga, and we must also love teaching. We must love being with people and engaging with people. We must love being there for people.  We must love being in front of people, sharing from our hearts. We must love the nitty-gritty of running a small business, most likely as sole operator.  We must love early mornings (this is probably the one I have the most trouble with!). We must love working on weekends.  More than anything else, we must know WHY we teach, and we must be able to connect to our passion for teaching every time we step onto the mat for our students. Do you know why you teach?  Getting clear about what ignites and sustains your passion for yoga will help to keep you inspired as you journey on the path of a teacher.

To discover more about finding your passion and purpose, head over to the Australian Yoga Journal website for a special article I wrote, just for you!

Australian Yoga Journal - True Colours

 Written by Nicole Walsh