Yoga Class Offerings

We offer primarily Vinyasa classes - an approach to yoga that involves transitioning gracefully from one pose to the next, synchronizing breath and movement into a seamless flow.  Vinyasa yoga is an evolutionary path that explores all possibilities of breath and movement, cultivating sensitivity, subtlety and adaptability.  In simple terms, Vinyasa refines our nervous systems towards being less reactive and more responsive to the change that is constant in our lives.  

Vinyasa yoga may be experienced as either dynamic movement, which is an incredible pathway for creating the right conditions for meditation; or as restorative movement - recharging our batteries so that we can go back into activity with greater balance. 


Our Flow classes combine dynamic movement and breath, linked together in powerful, intelligently designed sequences that will take you deeper into your body and mind, allowing your everyday stresses to fall away, breath by breath. You will notice both subtle and dramatic changes in your strength and flexibility, while cultivating mindfulness, grace and ease in your movements. Our refreshingly uncomplicated approach to practice will inspire and uplift, allowing you to walk away feeling energized, balanced and light! Open to all levels, beginners will be offered simpler modifications, while seasoned yogis can explore depth in their practice. 

*Some classes are moderately heated to 25 degrees.


Our Align classes do just that – teach you how to align your physical body for optimal health and healing in yoga asanas.  Discover the building blocks of practice from the ground up – cultivate core stability, endurance (yes, we hold the poses a bit longer!) and mental clarity. Align classes offer an engaging practice for all levels of experience,  and will fill your yogic cup if you enjoy a slower pace and more detailed attention to alignment.  Especially if you’re new to yoga, healing an injury, or re-introducing yoga to your life, our Align classes will connect you to the essentials of a strong and healthy yoga practice.  

*Some classes are moderately heated to 25 degrees


Yoga means union, and our Rejuvenate classes stay true to that goal.  The aim here is to cultivate a meditative state where you can let go of the thinking mind and awaken greater self-awareness.  After a sequence of mindful movement and restorative vinyasa, you’ll be guided through simple yet powerful breathing techniques as a doorway into a clearer and more peaceful state of being.  If you’d like to meditate, but get stuck on “what to do”, then this is the class for you.  With enough movement to satisfy your physical body, perfectly balanced with stillness, you’ll experience the real “juice” of yoga.  A must for beginners, experienced yogis, pregnant goddesses, overworked executives – this is yoga for every body! 

*Room is not heated


If the world exists in balance, then incorporating some Yin classes will help to round out and balance our busy “yang” lifestyles.  Yin yoga works deep into the connective tissues and fascia, especially around the joints, unlocking deeply held tension.  This practice involves long holds in restorative poses, and cultivates patience and stillness - qualities that help us work towards meditation and deep relaxation.  Learn to surrender, discover the art of letting go, and experience profound releases in your body and mind through this quiet and peaceful practice.  Yin classes are for all levels of yogi, beginners to experienced.

*Room is not heated


Our Pre-natal classes are specialist classes designed to support mothers-to-be throughout the transformational experience of pregnancy. Pre-natal yoga offers expectant mothers a holistic approach to pregnancy and birth that celebrates this very special time in a woman’s life. Our classes will help you become more aware of your changing body, more attuned to its needs, and to those of the growing baby within.  The practices will create a balance of strength and surrender, and prepare you with some useful skills for birthing.  You’ll also have the opportunity to share this wonderful journey with other mums to be, an invaluable experience!

 *Room is not heated

Mums and Bubs 

This post-natal class is for new mums and their bundles of joy up to twelve months old.  It’s the perfect class for mum to re-introduce yoga into her life after giving birth, and incorporates simple poses to build strength, release sore and tight muscles, and restore energy.  Classes are a fun and lighthearted way to bond with baby, as they giggle and wriggle on the mat, enjoying songs, simple movements and baby massage.  You’ll meet other new mums, form those all-important support networks, and find new ideas for interacting with baby at home. Baby will benefit through the balance of activity and relaxation, which will help with settling and improving sleep patterns.

*Room is not heated