The Art of Deep Listening (and the power of sound)

“A Painter’s got a canvas. A writer’s got reams of blank paper. A musician has silence” Keith Richards, Rolling Stones.

On a recent morning walk I started to think about the concept of deep listening.   I’d forgotten to take my phone and was lamenting the fact that I didn’t have any music to listen to.  For a moment I was anxious I’d have to spend the next hour without music or talk but soon settled into listening to the rhythm of my footsteps and the crunch of gravel under my feet.  It was a beautiful crisp Autumn morning, a clear blue sky and I began to hear the many layers of sound that I often take for granted – a Willy Wagtail chirping on the grass then a magpie crying out over the treetops.  I heard footsteps running up behind me and then the muffled sound of drum beats from the jogger’s earphones as they sped past. In the far distance I could hear a woman yelling her dog’s name over and over to come back to her – she sounded upset.  Two elderly women in front were deep in conversation sharing stories of their day-to-day minutiae.  I was listening to the rich tapestry of life. The joy and the suffering, the exciting and the mundane, all of which I would have missed if I’d be wearing earplugs!

We begin listening inside the womb. The primitive beat of our mother’s heart layered with the pulsing rhythm of her breath start us on a journey of deep listening to internal sounds that we are all share – all living beings.  The vibrations of voice teach us language and communication and through tone and melody we bond to cultures and family. 

Nada Yoga is the yoga of sound. Through absorption of sound we can focus on an external or internal sound to calm our minds – a wind chime, beautiful music, the sound of our heartbeat or blood rushing through our body can take us into a  deep state of relaxation and bliss.  You can experiment with listening to internal sounds by sealing your ears with your index fingers, close your eyes and listen to the vibrational sound inside of you.  Breath by breath you begin to hear deeper, more subtle sounds that yogis say is the universal sound of “Ohm”.

When you listen to artful positive music you’re taken into a blissful state and you’re invited to join us for a night of Kirtan with yoga musicians, Edo and Jo.  The chanting will encourage you to flow with the melody and rhythm of Edo’s and Jo’s amazing voices and Indian musical instruments.  The evening of Saturday May 23 which also coincides with Bhakti and Mantra teacher training at the studio.  If you; interested in either click on this link to read more!

Bhakti Yoga & Mantra Immersion and Teacher Training with Edo & Jo