Spring clean your life with the yogic concept of Sauca

Sauca, which is the Sanskrit word for purity or cleanliness, is a personal ethical practice outlined in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras which dedicated yogis aim to observe in their lives both on and off the mat. Sauca is practiced in many ways - most notably by maintaining a high standard of personal and environmental hygiene - but also in more subtle forms. For example, practicing sauca may mean choosing only the freshest, most wholesome foods to eat or selecting one's words more carefully. Simply stated, when we practice sauca we are making an outward expression of the purity and luminosity within us.     


If you're keen to make a fresh start this spring, why not begin today by making a list of ten ways you can practice sauca for yourself? Once you've made your list, set an intention to do one thing from the list each day for a month. Start small - tidy up those houseplants or air out your bed pillows - and see where your intention leads you over the next 30 days. We reckon your body, mind, and spirit will feel as fresh as a spring breeze by month's end!

Article contributed by Heather Moritz