Q&A with Tamara Siekman

Interview with Tamara - Yoga Junction

This month we're talking with Tamara Siekman (pictured left) - InYoga student and teacher training graduate. Tamara is getting set to launch her online yoga store, Yoga Junction, an idea that came to her while she was in the midst of her teacher training.  We're super excited to be the first yoga studio to stock Tamara's very own signature line of funky tees, junc.

How did you get into yoga?

OMG it was so many years ago, I don't even know if I can remember the first class I went to.  A couple of friends of mine were teaching Shadow Yoga in Melbourne and I went to their classes. I was also doing sun salutes in my lounge room, and watching yoga videos. 

What do you love about yoga and how has it helped you?

What I love the most is that I see things a lot clearer, make better decisions and I'm a better leader at work.  I feel like I'm a better person all round when I have yoga in my life. I feel like everything in my life flows freely. 

What was your motivation to do yoga teacher training?

I guess I wanted to develop myself and deepen my practice. Also, I wanted to open a studio initially.  What really motivated me was when a friend and I used to go to an old church in Hampton (Victoria) and practice together. The people there loved their yoga, but didn't feel comfortable going to classes in a regular studio. I wanted to open up a really beautiful yoga space and try to attract people who were too intimidated by the skinny stretchy types who go to regular yoga studios. Yoga for everyone, really.

But right now it's all about Yoga Junction.

What's your inspiration for Yoga Junction and where would you like to see it go?

I had already registered the name "Yoga Junction" before I began the teacher training course because I thought I would have a studio called Yoga Junction.  I'm about to launch the Yoga Junction website - its like an online yoga-inspired department store, a go-to place for women (and eventually men) to find all their yoga needs - active gear, accessories, jewellery, yoga mat bags, mala beads etc. A one-stop yoga shop.  When I launch my products will be for women, but I'd love to have a men's range within 12 months.

The vision is to do online and local markets, and then because I have a retail background, I might move into bricks and mortar - a store. Maybe attached to a yoga studio …

And what about your own range, junc?

I've wanted to do fashion since high school.  So while I'll be offering other brands through Yoga Junction, junc is it's own little capsule of women's clothing - mainly tees and pants, but will eventually include activewear.  junc came about because basically I dress like a teenage boy on the weekends, so I wanted to find something that I could wear.  The range is a little bit cheeky, but also has a little bit of love and tenderness.  

If you could choose a famous celebrity to wear your range, who would it be?

Russell Brand - he is my muse! He's a true yogi, I love what he represents and I love what comes out of his mouth.  I really resonate with him and he is kind of who I base junc's style on.  The day he is walking around in junc will be the happiest day of my life!