Our Awesome Teachers

The backbone to every yoga studio is its teachers - they're the ones on the front line sharing their passion for yoga, their wisdom and inspiration.  We're pleased to say that our teachers are not only passionate about yoga and wellbeing, but they are also heart-felt, fun-loving and enjoy sharing from their own personal experiences of yoga and life! All InYoga teachers are highly trained and have been hand-selected and mentored by Nicole.  We know you're going to love them!

Nicole Walsh

A driving force in the Sydney yoga community during her 13-year teaching career, Nicole has trained with some of the world's best: Shiva Rea, Baron Baptiste, Bryan Kest, Mark Breadner and many others have influenced her teaching style. Her classes are dynamic and transformational, delivered with grace and elegance, with a bit of fun and play thrown in for good measure. Previous co-owner of BodyMindLife, Nicole is one of Sydney's most respected teachers.

Rod Galbraith

Rod has a real gift for guiding people to surrender and let go of physical and mental tension, bringing them into a deeply meditative state. Having transformed his own hectic life as an event designer into one of peace and calm, Rod loves seeing his students experience profound changes through yoga and meditation.  Traditionally trained in India, Rod's classes integrate yoga philosophy in a way that is relevant and meaningful for the modern yogi.

Belinda Harrold

Since becoming a mum, Belinda's passion for teaching pre-natal yoga has blossomed into her life's calling.  She practiced and taught yoga throughout her pregnancy and is able to share her own experiences with other mums-to-be.  A compassionate and encouraging teacher, Belinda invites you to drop into the "yoga zone" with her, whether you join her for a Flow class, pre-natal or Mums & Bubs.

Roxy Holder

A yoga class with Roxy will ignite your adventurous spirit.  She offers a supportive and caring environment to try new ways of looking at yoga postures and life! Roxy will guide you from the foundations of yoga all the way through to gravity-surfing arm balances, working with the power of the breath to leave you feeling balanced and serene.

Amy Giuliano

Yoga for Amy is about letting go of how we think and embracing what we feel.  You'll be inspired by Amy's personality to have fun in your practice, to not sweat the small stuff, and to be committed yet not attached to the outcome.  You'll find a balance of strength and sweetness, effort with surrender, and the encouragement to breathe deeply and go for what you really want in life.

Cristina Arango

Combining her talents of Kahuna massage and alignment-focused yoga, Cristina loves to support her students to create mind-body awareness. Her fluid and empowering classes sparkle with sweetness and fun, and her delightful Colombian accent will have you thinking you're on an exotic holiday. You'll definitely leave Cristina's classes infused with that "aloha" feeling!

Sally Murphy-Blunt

With both a nursing and martial arts background, Sally's understanding of the deeper purpose of yoga to heal both physically and energetically is apparent through her classes.  She is light-hearted in her approach, and encourages her students to be the best they can be in a non-competitive environment.

Theresa Refalo

As a professional massage therapist, Theresa loves sharing her knowledge of anatomy and physiology, helping students connect with how they are feeling on a physical level. Her classes are dynamic and strengthening, yet focus on releasing and letting go with the breath. Theresa's hands-on assists are a treat to be experienced, allowing you to melt deeper into any pose.