Hero Image Online Class Login Guide

Online Class Login Guide

We've put together this quick-reference guide to help you with access to our online classes - our aim is to get you started with your online practice right away!

For any other queries please get in touch via email to reception@inyoga.com.au or via our CONTACT FORM

1) I can’t log into the online classes - how can I resolve this?

If you’re logging into our online classes for the first time, you’ll need to go to the MindBody login page and reset your password.
You can even reset it to exactly the same password, as it just needs to be refreshed so it can synch up with the online class portal on our website.

Make sure you have a valid pass - all of our unlimited studio memberships (pre-paid and fortnightly) will work with our online classes.  We also offer memberships and casual classes that are specific to our online classes. Check those out HERE

Here’s our 5-step process to getting your online practice started:

  • Reset your password via the MindBody login page - HERE'S THE LINK
  • Make sure you use the email address that’s in your MindBody profile to log into the online classes
  • Purchase one of our online pass options if you haven’t already
  • Head over to our website, where the online classes are being hosted - HERE'S THE LINK
  • Select the class you want to practice, and click on the "Requires Access" button, then enter your email address and password into the fields 

If you're still having trouble getting access to a class, please email us at reception@inyoga.com.au. This email address is being monitored daily, and we’ll aim to sort our any issues as soon as we can!

2) It’s taking a long time for the classes to load, or classes are stopping intermittently

All of our classes are recorded in high definition so they can be viewed on any size screen - hello flat screen TV!
If you find the classes are not loading quickly enough, or pausing, it may be due to internet connectivity.  At the bottom right of the class screen there's a little round cog icon - click on that and adjust the resolution of the video to 240.

3) I have a 5 or 10 class pass - can I use it?

Your casual 5 or 10 class pass are not able to be used to access the online classes. We’ve put a hold on these types of passes for a later time when we're able to offer our studio classes again, and we’ve set up the online membership/single class options for use with our digital classes. 

4) I bought a single class, but I can’t log into the online classes

Single classes are available for use only on the day of purchase.  If you weren’t able to practice a class on the day your purchased it and it has expired, please email us at reception@inyoga.com.au with the date that you intend to practice, and we’ll reset the pass for you.

Thank you for your continued support of our studio, it means the world to us. 

Enjoy our online offerings, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you in person when this is all over!

With love and gratitude,

Nicole, Rod & the InYoga Team