Nada Yoga - the Yoga of Sound

Nada Yoga, or the Yoga of Sound, is the ancient spiritual art and science of inner transformation through sound and tone.  Nada Yoga embraces the belief that the universe is vibratory, made up on infinitesimally small subatomic  strands of energy vibrating at different frequencies. All objects in nature vibrate at varying speeds, contributing to their particular sound. We are constantly surrounded by sounds, which are in effect vibrations that have a profound effect on our own vibratory field, and therefore our wellbeing.

Nada Yoga involves deep listening to the sounds of the universe, including the inner sounds of the body, the sounds of nature and of course, music.  Our mind becomes easily absorbed in sound. This is why people (and even animals) enjoy listening to music. When the mind is fully concentrated on anything, a feeling of inner bliss arises. Listening to soothing sounds can take us into a deeply meditative state.  The practice of Nada Yoga is dedicated to using sound vibration to deeply relax and unify the body, mind, heart and soul, and is an accessible path to connecting our inner bliss state.

The best thing is, Nada Yoga can be practiced by anyone - it's a highly enjoyable form of meditation. With no specific techniques to learn, it's completely effortless!  

Take in a Nada Yoga experience with Edo and Jo, Australian singer-songwriters and kirtan artists, who travel the world sharing this beautiful sound healing technique. To find out more about Nada Yoga, visit Edo and Jo's website.