InYoga Member Profile - February

Regular InYogi, Katie Green (a social worker and artist) has been working with a group of Afghani refugees in Fairfield to create a film of their life experiences. It’s this challenging project that brings Katie into the studio at least three times a week to help her “get out of her head and into her body” says Katie.  100% volunteer run, Katie has created a Pozible campaign that will culminate in a grand performance night to show a film and live theatre piece and afterwards an Afghan feast.

Katie, tell us about your project, it sounds amazing!

I’m working at PYT (Powerhouse Youth Theatre) in Fairfield with a group of refugees to make two short artworks that tell stories about their experiences in Afghanistan and Australia.

The film is called Dawle Aks (Beautiful Picture) It stars a group of refugees and discusses their experience of moving to a new life in Sydney

The theatre piece is called Dewar (The Wall) Dewar was originally written and performed in Afghanistan, we are recreating it for performance in Sydney. Dewar deals with violence against women and how they can imagine a better life.

The project is 100% volunteer run. We have no funding, so we are hoping to raise money through our Pozible campaign in order to pay for meals and travels costs for the volunteer refugees, as well as covering the many expenses that come with making large works of art. 

Our big performance night, which will include an Afghan buffet, will be in Fairfield at PYT on Thursday March 26th.

We are going to deck the whole space out with Afghan rugs and cushions, so the audience can watch the show Afghan style! 

Tickets are only $20 and are available through our Pozible campaign. 

We are also offering digital downloads of the films that we are making, as well as refugee led tours of Auburn and Fairfield. The tours will be an amazing opportunity to see a different side of Sydney, as well as offering the opportunity for refugees and Australians to meet.

We would love your support, however big or small!

Check out the campaign here;


What do you get out of your yoga practice?

Yoga is my escape! It takes me out of my head and into my body, which is much needed especially when I am dealing with such heavy and difficult material. I try to practice 3-4 times a week as a minimum. At the moment I am really loving Yin yoga and other restorative practices so that I can return to my work refreshed and energised.

If you would like to go to the performance, email and we'll get an InYoga group together.