InYoga 200hr Teacher Training- Feeling Fired Up

Foundational Vinyasa Teacher Training - 200 hours, Full- Time

This is the second of a five part series - read on and stay tuned for reflections on Week 3!


Week 2: Feeling Fired Up


Two weeks down, two to go. I know I said last week was the fastest week of my life, but I honestly can’t believe that we’re already halfway through teacher training. Time really does fly when you’re having fun!


We definitely stepped things up a level this week, with fiery morning yoga classes to begin our days and 4 mornings of anatomy with physiotherapist/yoga teacher/firecracker Rachel Stanley. I was pretty nervous about the anatomy component of the course, as I haven’t given it much thought since year 10 science (and even then, I’m not sure how much attention I paid). But Rachel was an amazing, hands-on teacher, who took the time to explain concepts in different ways to ensure everyone walked away with a greater awareness of how the body works. Plus, learning in such a physical and visual way made it a lot easier to understand what Rachel was explaining - when you’re seeing it IRL or feeling it in your own body, diagrams and notes in a book take on a whole new meaning.


Another highlight of the week was learning about sequencing, and how to create a class that is safe and enjoyable for students. I think this was a major breakthrough for a lot of us - I know I felt a lot less nervous about the final assessment (teaching a 40 minute class) once we learned about the puzzle pieces involved in putting a class together. I felt so much more confident in my ability to eventually do this thing that I both so want to do and am terrified of doing.


Which brings me to my lightbulb moment of the week: confidence, or rather, my lack of it. A long time ago I realised (as too many of us do) that the way I spoke to myself was often not so nice, and that I would never speak to a friend the way I spoke to myself. But time went on, I did the work, and kind of thought I had my shit sorted. How wrong I was, ha! Turns out those deep-seated beliefs that I am not good/smart/whatever enough to be here, doing what I’m doing, working towards what I want, are very much still in the house, and they’re impacting my confidence levels in a major way. Dang it.


Tears were shed and then ever so slightly, the clouds parted. I felt a sense of empowerment as Nicole and Rod spoke about how capable we all are- more so than we give ourselves credit for. Hearing this, and then actually feeling it and sitting with it, no matter how uncomfortable it felt, made me realise just how much I’m holding myself back. Those stories I’m telling myself about how I can’t do this or that, are just that... stories. The more I learn, the more I realise that yoga gives you the personal insight to rewrite your story, feel a different feeling and be who you truly are bit by bit each day.


Armed with this little insight and my new sequencing skills, I’m feeling a little more ready to dive headfirst into creating my own class to teach and practice, practice, practice. Plus, I’m so excited to get creative and thoughtful with my sequencing, and really try to express my intention through my teaching. I’ll be nervous and it will be hard, but I know I’ll have the knowledge and skills behind me to do it.


Bring on week three!