How to Stay Calm- Wellness Experts Share Tips

A Harmonious Balance

The word “yoga” in Sanskrit means ‘to join’ or ‘to unite’. InYoga encourages the practice of yoga not just as a means of uniting the mind with the body, but also through the joining together of like-minded people. By interacting with others who understand its many benefits, it is easier for those new to the yoga lifestyle to incorporate it into their daily routines. In addition, spending time with other people who share the same interests is in itself an excellent means of reducing stress.

The practice of yoga is not simply physical; it is about creating a harmonious balance between your physical, mental and spiritual states. It helps you to achieve this by combining physical movement with mental awareness while channelling your energy through breathing techniques. It increases physical strength and flexibility at the same time as making your body function more efficiently by improving your blood circulation. Through concentrating on your breathing and holding the postures, it also improves concentration and rationality of thought. People who regularly practice yoga report having more energy and a more positive outlook on life, while being less susceptible to stress and illness.

The benefits of yoga are cumulative, and practicing every day, even for a few minutes, will have a highly beneficial effect on your physical and mental wellbeing, which is why we were thrilled to be asked to contribute to a recent article by Bupa Life Insurance, 'How to Stay Calm: Wellness Experts Share Their Tips' .

Yoga originated in India over 5,000 years ago and has since spread throughout the world, evolving into a wide variety of different techniques and practices. At InYoga, the aim is to bring together some of these techniques in order to create a yoga lifestyle that takes the traditional philosophy of yoga and applies it in a way that can easily be integrated into modern life. InYoga’s founders demonstrate perfectly how different practices can meld harmoniously into one, through incorporating Rod Galbraith’s traditional Indian techniques with Nicole Walsh’s very modern training. The result is InYoga, a yoga lifestyle that is relevant and accessible to all.

We hope you feel like you can open the door to a greater understanding of yourself and others through our regular classes, workshops and events we have on offer.