30 Days of Abundance

And we are off!  A Life \ InYoga 30-day Immersion has launched and the studio is buzzing with excitement, inspiration, and yogis on a mission to make this next month the most positive and transformative yet.  Our brave and committed group of students is a mix of brand new yogis and experienced practitioners, regular attenders and studio newbies.  With this wonderful assortment of students comes a beautiful, common goal of lifelong learning, personal expansion, health, vitality, connection, and community; the latter being how we will motivate each other through the next 30 days.  I think we can all agree it will not be easy, but it will be revolutionary.

Initially, while looking over the “expectations” of A Life \ InYoga 30-day Immersion, I was wondering how I was going to pull it all off.  If I am being honest, my initial thought patterns were going something like this:

Yoga everyday? Okay. I knew that... it will be tough, but definitely do-able.

Clean eating? Yep, I guess that makes sense. I don’t need chocolate every day… and that weekly latte can go, too.

Daily meditation? Wait, what did I get myself into?!!!

Through Nicole and Rod’s counseling, our fears were pacified (and we learned right from the get-go meditation does not need to be sitting in full lotus, in dead-silence, with a mind as clear as glass).  What has been instilled from the beginning is that this program is not your usual “30 Day Challenge”. It is not about successes or failures.  It is not about daily box checking on public charts or fitting into size 6 skinny jeans.  It is not about perfectly poised chaturanga dandasanas or seven, sweat-inducing practices per week.  Instead, it is about a personal commitment to start habits that will help each of us live our lives to the fullest.  These 30 days are not about deprivation- they are about abundance. 

For those of you who are committing to this next month of transformation with me, let us remind ourselves not to stress about perfection, flawlessness, and box checking.  Instead, let’s dive into our practice whole-heartedly.  Through discipline rimmed with self-compassion, a new peace, a deeper clarity, and a brilliant lust for life will naturally find us just as we are.  Let’s bring on the abundance, shall we?

by Kacey Waxler