A Sound Life, Edo & Jo

In 2008, Edo and Jo Mall-Kahn bonded over their life-changing moment in Bali. They fell in love and travelled the world volunteering on humanitarian projects. A union of Edo’s experience as an internationally acclaimed musician and work with music as therapy in Sydney’s healthcare facilities, together with Jo’s work as a management consultant and yoga and music teacher, and a shared passion for ‘seva’, (selfless service), inspired A Sound Life (ASL)  in 2014.

ASL started at a grassroots level and was changing hundreds of lives within months. In September 2015, Jo sadly passed away 7 weeks after her diagnosis with stomach cancer. Jo touched thousands of lives with her heart, voice and smile. Her legacy and shining spirit live on and inspire our mission every day. We are forever grateful for the seeds of love she planted and through this experience, we’ve built a deeper level of organisational resilience, which empowers us when helping others.

After Jo passed, Edo worked hard to sustain and grow ASL’s impact. Our seed funder Vashudara Foundation and our incredible volunteers enabled ASL to deliver 500+ programs in 2016, and 2017 grew to 960 programs serving thousands of Aussies in need. Edo and ASL’s volunteers fulfilled Jo’s dream by launching a yoga and music school at Rainbow Ridge Orphanage in Tanzania led by locals. In 2019 ASL are launching the Sound Life Dome in Sydney, the first for-purpose space for creativity and community connection.