Sound of Prana Yoga Flow with Dubarray & Amy G

24 May, 2018

Dubarray are a musical act (direct from Sunshine Coast) who have created a unique yoga experience with their latest album ‘Sound of Prana’. They are an internationally acclaimed act and have performed at venues such as Wanderlust, Splendour in the Grass, Woodford, Byron Spirit Festival, Luminate Festival NZ and many more. We are excited to have them in studio collaborating with the beautiful Amy Giuliano for a guided session of vinyasa flow yoga, with the band providing groove based atmospheric music moving through soundscapes of the seven chakra's. Don't miss this truely unique sensory experience!

The bands latest release ‘Sound of Prana’ is an ambient downtime album uniquely crafted towards, and elements aligning with, the seven Chakras. Inspired by humility, balance and elements of nature, the soundscapes invoke a deep sense of connection and unity, infused with affirmations and insightful lyricism.

Dubarray have gone to newheights in composing a sonic journey intended to awaken the dormant consciousness and create a soul nourishing path of connected vibration. This session will include a yoga flow class to get your body moving and grooving, then you'll be bathed in sound to lull you into a deep meditative state. This is the perfect contemporary sound journey created for yoga and meditation. 

We look forward to seeing you there yogis! 

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24 May, 2018

Thursday, 7:30pm- 9:00pm


InYoga 115 Cooper St, Surry Hills NSW 2010


Pre-sale: $35 until Thursday 10th May

Full Price: $50

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