Pre & Post Natal Yoga Classes

22 August, 2022 to 31 December, 2022

Weekly PreNatal Yoga Classes Start Monday 22 August

12:30pm - 1:30pm

We're excited to announce our brand new PreNatal Yoga Class on Mondays, with our pre-natal expert, Sarah Moore! 

Our PreNatal classes are perfect for mums-to-be throughout all three trimesters, and can support you on your journey to motherhood.  Also great for post-partum mums who would like to be guided by an expert as they return to their yoga practice after birth.

Why do prenatal yoga?

Yoga is a great practice while pregnant. It can keep your body open, supple, and strong through the trimesters – and keep your mind balanced and centred during the fluctuating changes of pregnancy.

Yoga is a practice that calms the mind, aligns the body and opens and expands the breath. In this way, it is a great tool for labour and onwards into parenting.  Yoga can help with anxiety, stress and overwhelm. It can also strengthen and ground the body. Both of which can help women maintain balance, change and choices.

Why do postnatal yoga?

Post-partum yoga will help to bring strength back to the body after labour. It can help boost your energy, balance to sleepless nights, and offer support through the demands of feeding and daily challenges of becoming a parent.  Every woman responds to this new way of life differently, so it is important to work with a practice that meets your needs. Yoga has many inner practices that subtly on the body, breath and mind. A post-partum yoga practice will equip you with the tools to show up at your best for your little one, and be the most balanced mum you can be!

About Sarah

Sarah has been teaching yoga for 17 years, her teaching began in prenatal yoga, and gradually expanded to postnatal yoga, and programs for parents to use in their homes.

Sarah's skills in prenatal yoga combine with her knowledge from her experience as a nursery nurse, working alongside young families to help and support them in the early stages of parenting.

Sarah's knowledge and skills in teaching pre and post natal yoga, combined with her ability to share yogic philosophy result in well-rounded and grounding practices for all trimesters, and for mums-to-be of all levels of experience.


22 August, 2022 to 31 December, 2022

Every Monday 12:30pm-1:30pm


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