Meditation Teacher Training 50 hours, In-Studio or Online (July 2023)

5 July, 2023 to 9 July, 2023


Meditation and the art of Mudra, Pranayama and Mantra cultivates a quality of attention, curiosity and wonder that can transform a yoga practice and your life.  


Meditation is a natural, instinctive process that all human beings can access with skillful guidance.  Our bodies are designed to enter deeply restful states so that healing and rejuvenation can happen in the most natural way possible. However, because meditation is a very internal practice (not something that can be seen like a yoga pose), and because there are lot of myths around what actually happens in meditation, many people are quick to believe they are failing when they practice meditation.

Traditional yogic meditation practices were often designed for 'renounciates' (think monks in monasteries and yogis in Himalayan caves!). Such people have have renounced their everyday worldly lives of work, play and family, and have devoted their lives to perfecting specific meditation techniques. These techniques often don't translate easily to our modern interactive lives, and as such meditation can sometimes feel unattainable.

Some of the myths of how to meditate that students often state are: "I find it hard to sit still", or "I can't stop my thoughts", or " I want to calm my busy mind". We are here to help you bust those myths so that your students are able to discover a rich and rewarding meditation practice, with a technique that is perfect for them. The truth is,   >span class="s1" data-redactor-span="true">Learn the language and presence to guide meditation instinctively and effortlessly.

  • Explore timeless meditation practices from the yoga tradition.
  • Learn the science behind how and why certain meditation practices work for everyday people like yourself, and some work better for monks.
  • Discover the skill to awaken natural instincts as doorways to effortless meditation.
  • Explore the physical body as an expression and tool of connection to essence, through the practice of mudra. Realise the potential of mudra to enhance your own teaching and communication skills.
  • Deepen your experience of the flow of prana through classical and evolutionary breath practices and kriyas, and the skills to teach them to your students.
  • Discover mantra as a tool of thought to bring harmony and focus to the mind.
  • Unlock your ability to use language as a guide to a healthy flow of emotion.
  • Become sensitive to the teaching power of shunya (silence or space).
  • Learn the secrets to create the space for a truly relaxing and restorative savasana.


    We offer this training in either an in-studio or online format. Both formats are presented together live. If you choose to study online, you will be involved in the live workshops from the studio and receive the benefit of in the moment questioning and  feedback. The live sessions will also be available as recordings for both course formats for 12 months. Please see below for more details


    The In-Studio course will be held at:

    InYoga Studio Level 2, 137 Devonshire St Surry Hills, NSW 2010.

    The online course will be available via our Online Teacher Training Portal


    Wednesday 5 - Sunday 9 July 2023



    The course will include morning asana and meditation practice, theory and practical teaching sessions.

    Bring a yoga mat, notebook and pen, and an open heart and mind! 

    Please note this course does not include accommodation or meals.



    The Radiance Sutras by Lorin Roche PhD



    Meditation Made Easy by Lorin Roche, PhD Meditation Secrets for Women by Camille Maurine & Lorin Roche



    This training forms part of InYoga’s 200, 300/350 and 500-hour teacher training pathway through Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance. Participants who have already completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training will receive a 50 hour certificate. 

    There will be a homework assignment and practical assessment for certification.


    The online format is taught live via Zoom over a 5-consecutive day immersion, with recordings available to review after the live sessions.

    You'll access the course content through our Online Teacher Training Course Portal on the InYoga website. Replays will become available 24-48 hours after the live sessions are recorded, and you’ll have 12 months to access and review the course content.

    Teacher training manual will be available in an online format. If you would like a hard copy of the manual, you may request one to be sent to you for the cost of AUD$50 plus postage.

    Live Online Participation

    If you're able to participate live online (highly recommended!), each day you'll log into our Online Course Portal to access the Zoom links to join the live sessions. The live format will include daily yoga practices, live interactive sessions, homework assignments, digital teacher training manual, and downloadable worksheets. Participating live will allow you to interact your trainers and other trainees through real-time discussion and group work.  Your live participation and completion of homework assignments and exercises will award you with a 50-hour teacher training certificate. The training materials will be available to you for 12 months from the start date of the course.

    Daily Schedule for Live Participation

    All times are Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) or Australian Easter Daylight Time (AEDT) if applicable

    8am - 9.30am Yoga practice 9.30am - 10:15am Break 10:15am - 1:15pm Morning Session (includes 15 minute break) 1:15pm - 2:00pm Break 2:00pm - 5:00pm Afternoon Session (includes 15 minute break)

    Please note all lecture sessions will include ample break time to allow everyone to feel refreshed between sessions. Maximum session time is 90 minutes.

    Flexible Self-Paced Participation

    You're welcome to take this training at your own pace, if participating live is not possible due to circumstances or time zone. Through our Online Course Portal, you'll receive access to all recorded yoga classes and training sessions, as well as digital teacher training manual and downloadable worksheets.

    To receive a 50-hour teacher training certificate, you will need to complete all homework assignments and exercises to ensure you have integrated the information taught. The training materials will be available to you for 12 months from start date of the course.



    Rod Galbraith




    Full payment is required at the time of booking

    Cancellation and Withdrawal

    Withdrawal from single module purchase:

    No refund for cancellations within 14 days of course commencing.

    Outside of the 14-day no-refund period, cancellations will incur a $150 administration fee.  Alternatively, you may transfer to any 50-hour Advanced or Empowered Teacher Training Module within 2 years.

    Withdrawal from package module purchase:

    No refund for cancellations, however you may transfer to any 50-hour Advanced or Empowered Teacher Training Module within 2 years. 


    95% attendance at live training (either online or in-studio) is required for a teacher training certificate to be awarded. 


    "The Meditation Teacher Training with Rod opened my mind to different ways that meditation can be taught and practiced. Rod made it so engaging and informative but at the same time super practical and relatable. I'm really enjoying sharing some of this knowledge with my students!  Thank you!" 

    ~ Cara, Yoga Teacher

    "I really enjoyed the Meditation Teacher Training. Rod made us feel comfortable in our space, and because he taught from his heart the course was so heart warming.   I loved how the meditation course had freedom within the structure and how we all got to inspire each other and be ourselves. Rod shared his wisdom and knowledge to us and taught us to trust our intuition too. That made us all have that freedom within the meditation structure and be ourselves which gave us a chance to accept who we are and explore our unique self." 

    ~ Jenni, Yoga Teacher

    "I attended the 50 Hour Meditation Teacher Training and was truly transformed by the experience. With a sudden lockdown imposed on NSW, Rod and Nicole remained organized, very communicative and were warm and welcoming even before beginning the training. They worked so hard to make sure the experience was profound and were incredibly generous with what they had to offer.I feel truly blessed to have experienced this and forever grateful to both of them. I look forward to attending the studio for more classes and future trainings." 

    - Nilusha, Yoga Teacher

    "The 50 hour Meditation course at InYoga was gentle, welcoming and inspiring. Rod is a passionate and enthusiastic teacher and has so much knowledge about meditation practise and teaching. His real world experience of his pre and post meditation practise life and how this impacted him, where shared through his many anecdotes which were invaluable in a teaching environment - it helped to demystify and explain the tools that can be used for developing our own practise which can in turn be used in our teaching . I mostly loved that Rod’s teaching felt like it was about finding the inner poetry of life. This really inspired me and resonated with me. It is  a gift that should be shared. Nicole's input and support throughout the training was also invaluable.  Thank you." 

    - Anna, Designer & Art Director


    5 July, 2023 to 9 July, 2023



    In-Studio Training: Level 2, 137 Devonshire St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010. | Online Training: via our Online Teacher Training Portal



    Full Price $1095

    Early Bird $895 if paid in full by 10 May



    Full Price $995

    Early Bird $795 if paid in full by 10 May


    Please see below for cancellation policies