Masterclasses with Delamay Devi

21 October, 2017 to 22 October, 2017

Discover the strength of your inner rhythm through the pathways of progressive and fluid yoga sequences filled with dynamic and restorative poses leaving you overflowing with sacred elixir of vitality, empowerment and embodied wisdom.

Using music as a guide and the breath as the teacher, Delamay invites you to authentically show up to these workshops ready to enquire into your self and receive the medicine that only movement creates. Prana Vinyasa is an energetic, full spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga cultivated by Shiva Rea.

We are welcoming Delamay to Sydney for a weekend of masterclasses which will leave you inspired for more! The package price includes all three workshops - over 20% saved on the full price. We look forward to rolling out the mat with you and introducing you to this international sensation. 


Saturday 21st October

Flying Into Vasisthasana; 10:00am- 12:30pm

By exploring different kramas or stages of evolution of this side plank pose we create a ripe environment in the body for the hips to open, the hamstrings to lengthen and the weight transference between the right and left side of the body to be refined. During this fluid side balancing flow we move slowly with the intention of cultivating strength and stamina in the arms and stability in the core while having total expansion throughout your entire being as you expand your wings and fly! Delamay will be sharing with you a progressive Prana Vinyasa yoga sequence which incorporates a full spectrum of yoga poses building up to this peak pose and beyond making it suitable and fun for everyone.


Saturday 21st October

Vinyasa & Vayus; 2:00pm- 4:30pm

The Pancha Vayus are the five winds or currents of life-force energy in the body that facilitate the circulation of Prana throughout your entire being. During this workshop you will experience the Vayus through the Prana Vinyasa principals of pulsing, body and rhythmic vinyasas.

Prana: All encompassing

Apana: Grounding and releasing

Udana: Rising up and out

Samana: Drawing inward

Vyana: Expanding and opening

Delamay will be sharing with you a variety of namaskars to highlight the essence of each Vayu and the workshop includes practical applications, chanting, meditation and hands on assists. A must for any Vinyasa lovers!


Sunday 22nd October

Cultivating Anahata Joy; 10:00am- 12:30pm

Dive deep into your compassionate heart space with a radiant and energising back bending immersion. Learn to create a stable foundation for your sacrum and spine to enable a safe and effortless path into backbends. Tap into the joy current which naturally resides in the anahata chakra through a heart salutation, supportive adjustments and mindful movements created to liberate your spine. During this journey together we will be opening to a world of possibilities within out bodies, working alone and with partners for your inner love light to shine!


About Delamay: 

A yogini, dancer, mentor, designer and lover of all things that sparkle. Born and raised in Byron Bay, Delamay divides her time between Australia, Europe and Asia, following the sun and offering trainings and retreats in many beautiful parts of the world. With a background in performing arts it was a natural progression into teaching yoga and delving deeper into the rhythm of the breath, the natural flow of the body and the formlessness of meditation. Delamay is a Senior Prana Vinyasa affiliate teacher trainer who assists and continues her studies of embodiment with Shiva Rea, the fire keeper of Prana Vinyasa Yoga.

For more on Delamay click HERE.

Facebook: @delamaydevi

Instagram: @delamaydeviyoga

You Tube: Yoga Rhythms


21 October, 2017 to 22 October, 2017

Saturday 10:00am- 12:30pm & 2:00pm- 4:30pm, Sunday 10:00am- 12:30pm


115 Cooper St, Surry Hills NSW 2021 Australia


Early Bird Price: $55 per masterclass until September 29th 2017

Full Price: $65 per masterclass 

Package Price: $156 for all 3 workshops (saving of 20% off full price)


Cancellation Policy:

No refunds for cancellations within 48hrs of the event.

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