A Life InYoga - 30 DAY Immersion

5 February, 2021 to 7 March, 2021

Kick Start 2021


30-days to live


A Life InYoga



We invite you to immerse yourself into a yogic lifestyle for 30 days, and discover abundant vitality and wellbeing.



Are you ready to feel more:












Now is the time to reset your priorities, commit to yourself and make 2021 the year to take your wellbeing to the next level!  We’re excited to share with you a month of discovering what it means to live your life fully immersed in yoga.

This is not a “quick fix” or a detox, but a total lifestyle overhaul.  Create new patterns of health and wellbeing so that you can live the life you want, full of abundant energy and purpose.

We believe yoga is intrinsic to a high quality life, and can help you to awaken your full potential. Over 30 days you’ll create a framework within your everyday routine to practice yoga, meditate daily, eat nourishing whole foods, and become the very best version of yourself. 

You’ll be part of a community of like-minded people who are ready to transform their lives, and you’ll be guided by our dedicated and passionate team both in the studio and online.  

Wellbeing, abundant energy and vitality are your birthright - we encourage you and support you to make it so!

Our most profound and powerful practices, insights and inspiration will be shared from our hearts.


Here’s what you’ll be enjoying during the 30 day process:

  • Online workshops to take your yoga asana practice deeper, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned yogi
  • Online workshops on meditation and breath work to balance your nervous system and vital energy
  • Online workshops to help you make healthy food choices, nutritional information and cooking inspiration, brought to you by our special guest presenters Tabitha McIntosh (Awaken Your Health) and Angie Cowen (Love Life & Gluten-Free)
  • Online workshop on Ayurveda, the yogic science of wellbeing, with a special Ayurvedic cooking class
  • Weekly wellbeing emails full of practices, health inspiration and delicious recipes
  • Online workbook to guide you through the process and help you live a life in yoga
  • Online chat forums to share experiences, ask questions and meet like-minded people
  • One month’s access to our in-studio classes and online classes (Studio Package & Studio Membership only)


This program is for you if: 

  • You’re new to yoga and are curious to know how yoga can help you
  • You’re a regular, seasoned yogi who wants to dive in a little deeper 
  • You’re looking to create a more consistent yoga and meditation practice
  • You’ve tried meditation but feel like there’s a missing piece
  • You’ve never tried mediation, but you know it would make a difference in your life
  • You need a little support to keep a balance of movement, nutrition, mindfulness
  • Spending a lot of time isolated or social distancing in your home through 2020 has left you feeling sluggish, and you want to get moving!
  • Your self-care practices are in need of a tune up
  • You want some direction to get your physical and mental health on track
  • You want to explore yoga as part of the bigger picture of your wellbeing
  • You love the idea of sticking to something for a whole month for cumulative benefits
  • You’re keen to implement healthier habits into your everyday life
  • You're curious to try out some new recipes


For all the above reasons and more, we’ve created A Life InYoga 30-Day Reset to  inspire you with small, daily actions that you can take every single day to upgrade your health, improve your sleep, boost your immunity and reduce the negative effects of stress in your life.

Here are some of the areas of your life we’ll be diving into, the create positive change:


Balance your body:

Healthy movement - we’ll be focussing on yoga asana, because that’s our area of expertise. We believe that moving your body daily through it’s full range of motion is the key.

Good nutrition - we’re advocates of eating a balanced diet that focuses on whole foods, largely plant-based, and prepared with love.  No restrictive diet plans here! 

Hydration - water is life, and making sure you’re getting enough good quality water through the day facilitates optimal functioning of all body systems.


Energise your life:

A balanced nervous system - this dynamic system of our body determines how we respond to stress, and how quickly we recover and move into states of rest and renewal.  Learn the practices needed to bring balance and ease. 

Breathe for life - the yogic science of pranayama means to “extend your life force”.  We’ll look at breathing techniques that will both energise and calm your body and mind.

Sleep hygiene - the single most important thing you can do for your overall well being and immunity is to make sure you’re getting good quality sleep each night.  We’ll share some simple strategies you can use to maximise the rejuvenating benefits of sleep.


Harmonise your mind:

Meditate daily - meditation has a powerful beneficial effect on both your body and your mind, and it has the capacity to help you function at your very best.  We’ll share a style of mediation that can be easy, enjoyable and as natural as breathing.


Feel connected:

Listen deeply to your inner wisdom - yogic wisdom is essentially about connecting to nature.  As human beings, we are part of the natural world.  Discover instinctive wisdom on how to live well in harmony with nature and the world around us through the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.

Live soulfully - we’re always in relationship - with ourselves and with others. Discover ways to cultivate healthier relationships through yogic wisdom, and live a life of both inner and outer peace.  


Live A Life InYoga:

Live an awakened life - take your yoga practice off the mat and into every moment in your life. We’ll share our process to becoming more present and aware through the journey of life.


5 February, 2021 to 7 March, 2021


Online & In-Studio


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