Hero Image Warmth and Lightness - Balancing Kapha (31 min) with Nicole

Warmth and Lightness - Balancing Kapha (31 min) with Nicole

31 min Flow with Nicole

Kapha comprises the elements of Water and Earth, and is the most stable and steady of the Ayurvedic Doshas. When excess Kapha is present, your body may experience heaviness, lethargy, and a feeling of being “stuck in the mud”.  The antidote to too much Kapha is simply to get motivated and get moving.  This practice will stimulate warmth, energy and buoyancy, playing with a sense of lightness and space in your body.  The chest and lungs are the “seat” of Kapha, so a physical focus on opening your heart and lungs to receive more life force will transform any dense energy into spaciousness and freedom.

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