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Vinyasa Foundations

Vinyasa Foundations Master Class with Nicole

Saturday 18 April 2:00pm - 4:00pm


VINYASA FOUNDATIONS - Discover the essential building blocks for a healthy practice, whatever your level!

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for years or just a couple of days, there is plenty of juice in this workshop to fine-tune your flow, discover

the alignment that works best for you in a range of commonly practiced yoga asanas (postures). Discover the essential building blocks for a

healthy practice, take out the guess-work and get assistance with those poses that leave you wondering if you’re on the right track.

What's covered

• Learn the important principles of asana practice, that will take you from beginner to experienced yogi for a sustained and healthy


• Discover why the statement "Poses don't have alignment, people do" (in the words of yoga anatomy teacher, Leslie Kaminoff), honours

your uniqueness yet explains why your practice may look very different to the person on the mat next to you.

• Learn how to create a healthy combination of strength, flexibility, and most importantly, stability.

• Ask all the questions you ever wanted to ask about yoga asanas, as they relate to you personally.

• Find out why yoga makes you feel so good (health benefits)!

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