Hero Image Nourishing the Body Temple

Nourishing the Body Temple

Nutrition Workshop - Nourishing the Body Temple with Tabitha

Every day we make choices about food, and these choices have a direct impact on our health – contributing to the prevention, management,

or onset of many chronic diseases. We can choose healing and nourishing foods, or foods that are detrimental to our own unique body’s

requirements.  Further to that, many factors have a negative impact on our access to nutrients within foods, including changes in farming methods, depleted

soils, food processing and storage, micro-waving, plus caffeine, alcohol and sugar intake. Poor digestion and nutrient assimilation are

often also issues, especially when worry, hurry, and fatigue are at play. Good nutrition, adequate digestion and positive habits lead to a healthy

body and a sound mind.

Tabitha shares simple ways to boost your immunity and overall wellbeing. Get the facts on what you can do to truly nourish your own health in this insightful workshop with one of Australia's best! 

Tabitha is a Clinical Nutritionist and Naturopath, founder of Awaken Your Health and co-author of One Bite at a Time: Reduce Toxic Exposure and Eat the World you Want. 

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