Hero Image Meditate for Life Part 2

Meditate for Life Part 2

Meditate for Life - Part 2

Embodied Meditation

On Day 2 we dive into exploring how meditation has a much greater influence on your wellbeing than just the quality of your thoughts. We'll explore a practice of perceiving meditation as a fully embodied experience of awareness that creates balance, harmony and vitality to all aspects of your wellbeing. We'll discuss the science behind the practice that awakens your bodies natural healing wisdom through the interconnected nature of the layers of communication in your body. From the tangible and physical through the energetic, mental and emotional to the subtle layers of conscious connection. 

Learning to unlock your body’s innate intelligence. It’s your default setting, you just need to know how to hit the reset button.

Learn techniques to help you awaken this natural state of connection and expanded awareness.

Place your life on a path to:

Dissolving stress, reducing fatigue and negative emotions

Harmonise and focus your mind and energise your body

Create the space in your life to rejuvenate your whole being.

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