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Gravity Surfing


Gravity Surfing - Arm Balances with Rod Galbraith

Sunday 31 May


When practicing yoga, the joints of the body need to have the right amount of mobility and stability to support your body in movement. When your body is out of balance, the joints will bear the brunt of external forces, such as gravity. Join Rod to learn how to effectively stabilize the main load-bearing joints in your yoga practice, so that you can enjoy a healthy body through all kinds of movement, particularly the fun and challenging practice of arm balances.

Discover how to safely defy gravity with this insightful approach to balancing on your hands! This workshop has an anatomical focus, with practical elements that you can bring into your vinyasa practice to access your core, and build strength and stability in the supporting structures of the body. Learn how to do this with a sense of curiosity, play and fun!

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