Hero Image Core Vinyasa Foundations

Core Vinyasa Foundations

Core Vinyasa Foundations with Rod Galbraith

Saturday  23 May (Our apologies this video will now go live at 5pm)


Most vinyasa classes have a similar format and flavour. Join Rod as he dissects the essential foundations to keep your practice healthy and your body feeling great!

Understanding healthy alignment in yoga asana is important, but just as important is learning how to move effortlessly between all asanas, synchronising your movement with your breath, and engaging the essential muscles to support your movement. In this workshop, Rod will guide you through foundational movements and transitions, and help you build your core awareness to create healthy movement. If you're new to yoga, you'll get all the basics down. If you're more experienced, you'll learn the subtle 'micro-movements' that will have you gliding effortlessly as you flow.

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