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Cooking with Connection

Cooking with Connection Workshop with Angie Cowen

Saturday  25 April Evening


Wholefoods cooking workshop.

A wholefood chef specialising in gluten-free cooking, Angie takes a simple approach when it comes to preparing food. She believes food

should be eaten as nature intended: organic, fresh, grown locally and in season wherenever possible. She also believes it should look great,

and taste even better!

If you're curious about how to prepare gluten free meals that nourish the belly and heart, this workshop will set you on the right path.

About Angie

Angie has specialised in gluten-free cooking for the last 6 years. She is passionate about educating people about eating local, seasonal,

organically grown produce and whole foods, and is inspired to help people make the transition to a healthier diet. Angie regularly caters for

yoga retreats, weddings and events, and is the creator of Wellness Woman, a networking event for women in the wellness industry.


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