Hero Image Connection Through the Senses (32min) with Rod

Connection Through the Senses (32min) with Rod

32min Meditation with Rod

Explore how your senses can be a powerful tool of connection in meditation. Often seen as a distraction to meditation, you'll be invited to embrace meditation as a process of openly welcoming and accepting all parts of your life as a way of cultivating harmony and balance. For people who live in a world, developing the skill to find harmony in your relationship to life (wherever or whenever you meditate) creates the potential for deep immersion into your own beautiful and radiant essence. A simultaneously peaceful and vibrant place of feeling very much at home in yourself.

In these meditation sessions Rod offers a discussion into practical insights and meditative tools, combined with a guided meditation for you to explore your own insight and connection. The power of meditation lies within you. There is innate wisdom in your body for health and wellbeing, in your mind and heart for insight and wisdom.

Meditation is taking time to develop an intimate relationship to the rhythm of your life. Be nourished by the vibrant flow of awareness that arises when we are connected fully to the present moment.  

Enjoy an opportunity to process your life and emerge renewed and refreshed.

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