Theresa Refalo

Theresa began her exploration with yoga 10 years ago, and almost immediately she adopted yoga as her place to let go and surrender her day to her mat. Theresa recognized the changes not only in her body, but also in herself, and realized that there was more to yoga than just movement.  As she dedicated more time to her practice, the lighter her step would feel outside the yoga studio.  

Theresa engages her students using breath, alignment and flow to help them find space within their bodies and mind.   As an experienced massage therapist, Theresa’s hands on assists will allow you to melt deeper into any pose, capturing the complete essence of yoga.  With Theresa, you will delve into a sequence to move, uplift and slightly challenge yourself with a touch of lightness; and her teaching style will enable you to develop strength and balance, and find enjoyment in your yoga practice.

“If you want the rainbow then you must have the rain,” ~ Annette Kanshaw

Theresa feels that by engaging in deep expressive poses, though they may be challenging, they will bring you to a place of restoration and space both within your yoga practice and also in everyday living.