Sarah Adamek

Sarah's classes are heart-felt and uplifting, infusing her passion for rhythmic movements, breath awareness, alignment, meditation and relaxation.

Sarah Adamek is a Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher whose classes are heart-felt and uplifting, infusing her passion for rhythmic movements, breath awareness, alignment, meditation and relaxation. Her style reflects the mixture of her training in Iyengar, Jivamukti, Ashtanga and Prana Flow resulting in a strong yet calming practice.

With a high-stress career in the fashion industry, Sarah found Iyengar an ideal outlet, drawn to the incredible physical, mental and spiritual benefits found through the practice. However, it wasn’t until she suffered from an Auto Immune Disease when the true healing power of yoga was discovered and in 2011 she took her first Teacher Training so that she could share these healing benefits with others. Inspired by her incredible teachers Simon Borg-Olivier, Shiva Rea, Lauren Hanna, Johanna Bell and Nicole Walsh, Sarah’s classes are a sweet balance between strength, flexibility and renewal. Students can expect to feel lighter, grounded, centered and more connected to others, their heart and true self.