Ryan Kobeissi

Ryan shares yoga from the heart, and loves to help others find their inner glow through the practice

Ryan first discovered yoga after a decade long career as a trader in the financial markets.  After transitioning from a hectic and stressful working life, Ryan found his daily yoga practice offered a place of grounding and re-ignited his passion and fire for life.  

In seeking a deeper connection with himself and others, and to satisfy a curiosity to learn why the air always tasted sweeter after a yoga class, Ryan took the plunge and immersed himself in the world of learning yoga and meditation with Nicole and Rod through InYoga’s teacher training. 

“Teacher training allowed me to cultivate an embodied understanding of the benefits that yoga offers to all the different layers of our being – from the physical, mental, emotional, to the energetic and subtle layers.  Journeying deep into my heart space is where I practice, learn and teach from. I love the inner glow that the practice of yoga and meditation can leave me with, and witnessing this shift in others during and after a class is where I find most joy in my offering as a teacher.”

Ryan’s intention is to help awaken that same inner glow in others so that they too can carry it off the mat and into their daily lives!