Nina Maffei

Nina's heartfelt classes offer both alignment and creativity, and allow you to be challenged in playful, compassionate way

Nina fell in love with yoga in her early 20’s. It started as a physical practice that felt more nourishing and indulgent in comparison to her cardio and strength workouts, and she quickly realised that the benefits of yoga extended far beyond her physical body. 

Coming from a corporate background in strategy and marketing, and having had both mental and physical health challenges, yoga has been instrumental in reawakening Nina’s connection to her own body and mind, and restoring balance in her every day life.

“I find my connection continues to strengthen every time I practice. And the stronger it gets, the more my days seem to expand into spaces that are richer, more vibrant, creative and authentic to me, rather than spaces I’d forced it to go to in the past, which was usually rooted in something external. I decided to complete my teacher training to help me learn more and deepen my own practice initially – but once I’d started, I was so inspired to share yoga with as many people as I could, and be part of their journey towards a more connected and well being that I knew teaching yoga had to be part of what I did from then on.”

Nina’s classes focus on alignment and creatively explore intuitive and mindful movement in an energetic, dynamic flow.  She teaches from her heart with warm energy, offering space for her students to reconnect to themselves, and be challenged in a playful, compassionate way.