Leanne Raab

Leanne's classes are inspired by the influence of her teachers, students and life experiences. Her practice has evolved and adapted to suit her different stages of life, and what she needed at a certain point in time. Leanne's first interaction with yoga was the thrill of a workout; next, yoga was the tool to change how she dealt with adversities; and now, she loves that yoga can be a profound spiritual experience. Yoga has transformed her body, uplifted her mind and changed her life- over and over again.

The ability of yoga to heal, and change the way in which we live, is what drives Leanne's passion for yoga. Over the years of witnessing all types of bodies in movement, she has seen yoga heal chronic lower back pain, help overcome addiction, and bring about self confidence and acceptance. 

Leanne's yoga journey has taken her far and wide. Teaching through an integrated approach of life experiences and traditional yoga knowledge, she shares openly and honestly and in the safest way for her students. She has been lucky enough to enrich her studies with teachers including, TKV Desikachar, Elena Brower, Pixie Lilas, Cyndi Lee, Judith Lasater, Leslie Kaminoff, Simon Joannou and Genny Kapular. 

Teaching with a focus on alignment, Leanne empowers her students to have a personal practice that respects their body and its needs on any given day. Combine alignment with the breath, and there is a whole new world of freedom for body AND mind.