Hero Image Reopening of Studio Classes 11 October

Reopening of Studio Classes 11 October


We are here to serve you.


(Please see below for full details on reopening, class schedules and booking)


After the challenges of the past few months, we’re looking forward to being able to serve our community at the studio again.

Our commitment has always been to look after the health and wellbeing of our community in a way that is welcoming, and accepting of all. We recognize that living with Covid-19 going forward presents many challenges, and people have justifiably varying viewpoints on how they may wish to manage their own personal health.

One of the challenges we face as a studio is ensuring that we look after the wellbeing of our teachers and student community in a way that allows us to open in a stress-free manner.

NSW Health has laid out specific guidelines that will enable us to reopen on 11th October, that include full vaccination requirements.

We respect your right to choose how you move forward with your own health.

If you would like to practice in person at the studio from October 11th, we kindly ask that you meet the guidelines for vaccination. Please know that all of our staff and teachers will be fully vaccinated. 

If you’ve chosen not to be vaccinated at this time, we’ll continue to offer our on-demand library and live streamed weekend classes, so we can support you virtually until the guidelines change. Seemingly, this looks to be around 1st December.

We look forward to continuing to serve you with yogic inspiration, either in-person or online!

Thank you, our yoga community, for all of your ongoing love and support.

It truly means the world to us!


Nicole, Rod and the InYoga Team


Below are the steps we’re taking to create a safe environment, and a new ‘flow’ for attending studio classes from Monday 11th October.


What we’re doing to look after your health and wellbeing

  • When possible, our classes will be held outdoors on our rooftop amongst the bamboo and olive trees (numbers are limited, so please book well in advance!)
  • Mat storage and lockers will be available in the kitchen area for easy access
  • Doors and louvre windows will be open so there is plenty of fresh air in the common areas
  • If weather requires classes to be held inside, doors and windows will be open to provide plenty of fresh air
  • We’ll be maintaining a high level of cleanliness and Covid-safe practices (see below for details)
  • All teachers and staff will be fully vaccinated 
  • New class schedule (Please see below)

How you can help look after our community’s health and wellbeing

  • Confirm you meet current health requirements for attending public indoor venues
  • Stay home if you feel unwell or have cold or flu symptoms
  • Pre-book your class
  • Scan the QR code upon arrival at the top of the stairs
  • Vaccination certificate needs to be sighted for first visit only
  • Wear a mask when entering and moving through the studio space
  • If possible come dressed ready to practice to avoid congestion in change rooms
  • Bring your own yoga mat
  • If you use one of our blocks, place a hand towel (provided) over the top
  • When moving around the studio, please maintain 1.5m distance from others
  • Use hand sanitiser provided  

New Class Schedule for Re-opening

We are recommencing classes with a modified schedule in the first weeks of re-opening. Please check it out and book HERE. 
Additional classes will be added in the coming weeks.


Class booking information

Please pre-book your class online. 
If you become unable to attend, please cancel out of the class with at least 30 minutes notice to avoid cancellation fees, and so someone waitlisted may attend.  Cancellation fee is $10 per cancelled class (members), or forfeit class fee for casual passes.



All memberships and passes that were paused while the studio was closed will be reactivated from 11th October.If you require your membership to remain suspended, please get in touch with us via reception@inyoga.com.au.

All memberships that were temporarily billed at the Online Membership rate while the studio was closed will revert to their original rate on the first billing date that occurs after 11th October. If you need to stay with online classes for a further period of time, please request this by emailing reception@inyoga.com.au.

If your membership expired recently, please get in touch by emailing reception@inyoga.com.au to find out about our Returning Member offer.


Online Classes

We’ll continue to offer our ever-growing library of on-demand online classes.
Studio Plus members will continue to receive complimentary access to our online classes. 
If you'd like to access our on-demand library of classes rather than attend the studio, please join our Online Yoga Class Membership.