Edo & Jo

We're excited to be co-creating some beautiful events with Edo and Jo, helping to raise money for their new charity, A Sound Life. Check out our Events page to see details about Edo and Jo's upcoming Kirtan, and live music class - Bhakti Vinyasa - with Nicole Walsh.

Edo & Jo are internationally acclaimed Kirtan artists and singer-songwriters who have dedicated their lives to conscious living, bhakti yoga (the yogic path of the heart) and humanitarian service in India, Australia, Bali and around the world. Their music takes listeners on a journey of mystical mantras and joyous melodies, marrying lush vocal harmonies and rapturous rhythms with gentle devotion acting as honey droplets for the soul. Their exhilarating live Kirtan events organically infuse audienceswith divine connection, emotional release and inner transformation.

Edo is an award-winning songwriter (APRA song of the year 2009) whose songs are featured regularly in films, TV and on radio. Jo is classically trained in flute and piano and sings with a sweetness that melts the heart. As a creative duo, their voices are a gentle and powerful invitation into the depths of the Spirit.