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A Life InYoga


A Life InYoga

InYoga’s 30-day immersion program is here!


We invite you to immerse yourself into a yogic lifestyle for 30 days, and discover abundant vitality and wellbeing.


For 30 days, you’ll practice yoga, meditate, eat clean and whole foods, and learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible. You’ll be guided, supported and inspired by our dedicated and passionate teachers and guest presenters, to be the very best version of yourself.

This is not a “quick fix”, nor a detox, but a total lifestyle overhaul. Weed out old habits that are no longer serving you, create new patterns of health and wellbeing, and fulfil your true potential!




5 weekends to guide your journey of wellness with:

• Online Wellbeing Workshops 

• Yoga Master Classes 

• Live Stream Events

4 weeks to integrate a new lifestyle with:

• Access to recordings of weekend program

• Access to online handbook

• Weekly wellness emails 

• Online meditations

• Daily life skills tips

• Online weekly group check in and resources



• Access to all specialty workshops, master classes and events

in the program by Nicole and Rod and guest presenters

• Access to A Life \ InYoga Online Handbook (includes detailed

information on all aspects of the program, and tips for 

living a modern yogic lifestyle).

• Exclusive Online Meditations for the program

• Weekly Wellbeing emails and daily Life Skills Tips

• Access to A Life \ InYoga online community group

with check ins and links to online resources


18th April - 17th May 2020



Existing Studio and Online Premium Members receive the program complimentary


A Life InYoga Program (see "What's included in the program")

$77 for A Life InYoga program 



To access our online class library for daily practice

Sign up to our ongoing Online Class Membership $17.50/week



Supplementary A Life InYoga 30 day Class Pass - $70 to access our class library daily.



"A Life InYoga" Schedule of Events

(All events will be available as recordings for 90 days after original live event)


Week 1 - Balance your Body


Welcome to A Life InYoga with Nicole & Rod

Saturday 18 April 12:30pm-1:30pm

Vinyasa Foundations Master Class with Nicole

Saturday 18 April 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Nutrition Workshop - Nourishing the Body Temple with Tabitha

Sunday 19 April 2:00pm - 4:00pm


Week 2 - Energise your Life


Journey Into Breath Workshop with Rod

This video is now online.

Cooking with Connection Workshop with Angie

This video is now online.

Mandala Flow Master Class with Nicole

This video is now online.



Week 3 - Harmonise your Mind


(Special Bonus Extended 4 Part Series)

Meditation Workshop Series with Rod

This video is now online.

Release Master Class with Rod

This video is now online.


Week 4 - Feel Connected


BONUS - Ayurvedic Classes for Balance and Wellbeing

This video is now online. 

RESCHEDULED - Lunar Flow with Nicole & guests Lulu & Mischka 

Lulu and Mischka were unable to make this weeks live music class so this class will be rescheduled for next month. Current participant will have access when the new date is confirmed. We hope you enjoy the Ayurvedic Balancing classes this weekend.

Ayurvedic Self-Care Workshop with Nicole

This video is now online.


Final Weekend - A Life InYoga 

(Living in Connection)


Flow for All with Rod & guest DJ Carl Bentley

Saturday 16 May 2:00pm - 3:30pm

A Life In Yoga: Living in Connection with Nicole & Rod

Sunday 17 May


Hero Image Deepen your Practice

@ home with

Deepen your Practice


Deepen Your Practice

Master Classes and Workshops to deepen your connection to your practice


About the Program

A series of workshops to advance your knowledge in all things yoga. We’re committed to providing you with opportunities to grow in your yoga practice!

Join us if you want to:

  • Learn more about why we do what we do in yoga
  • Deepen your understanding of healthy alignment for your body
  • Learn how to breathe effectively for wellbeing
  • Know how and when to listen to your body, and how to modify your practice
  • Feel safe to build up your practice into more advanced asanas
  • Enhance your awareness of energetics in the asanas
  • Feel grounded and connected to a practice that is relevant to YOUR individual needs



23rd May - 21st June 2020



Individual Workshops $15

8 Workshop Program $77

Studio and Online Premium Members receive the program complimentary


Deepen Your Practice Program (see "About the Program")

$77 for 4 weekend Deepen Your Practice program (8 individual workshops)



To access our online class library for daily practice

Sign up to our ongoing Online Class Membership $17.50/week





Week 1 - Connection to Flow


Core Vinyasa Foundations with Rod Galbraith 

Saturday 23 May (Our apologies this video will go live at 5pm)


Mandala Vinyasa Flow with Nicole Walsh

Sunday  24 May


Week 2 - Cultivate Balance


Lightness through Leg Balances with Nicole Walsh

Saturday 30 May


Gravity Surfing - Arm Balances with Rod Galbraith

Sunday 31 May



Week 3 - Strength and Flexibility


Free Your Spine - Backward Bending with Nicole Walsh

Saturday 6 June


Turning Inwards - Forward Bending with Nicole Walsh

Sunday 7 June


Week 4 - Playing Upside Down


Groundwork for Inversions with Nicole Walsh

NEW Release Date Saturday 20 June


Energising Inversions with Nicole Walsh

NEW Release Date Sunday 21 June


Hero Image Sunrise Series

Commit to a

Sunrise Series




Introducing the Sunrise Series.

Join the Sunrise Series where over four days you will dive deep into a progressively unfolding daily practise. You will be guided on how to access and develop skills you can explore and expand into for years to come. Open to new and experienced students alike. These series will explore practices such as Vinyasa Essentials, Inversions, Meditation and more.



Meditate for Life $35
Vinyasa Essentials $35

(Studio and Online Premium Members receive the program complimentary)     



Meditate for Life

with Rod Galbraith

14 - 17 April 


Commit to four consecutive days and learn how to make meditation an enjoyable part of your daily routine that will bring both calm and vibrancy to your life. Meditation is a naturally occurring state for everyone, and the practice is learning to become skilful in the art of accessing the amazing healing powers of our body.

Join Rod for four daily online sessions, where he’ll share ancient knowledge and modern scientific research, followed by a guided practice to help facilitate the skills needed to make meditation a joyful and invaluable part of your daily life.

If you want to learn how to manage stress, find clarity of mind, bring ease to your body and increase energy and vitality, then we encourage you to make time in your day for this life changing practice.  Relevant to both new and existing meditators, this four-part practical workshop series will guide you through an empowering experience that will give you the knowledge and skills for a life-affirming ongoing meditation practice.





Program Videos

Vinyasa Essentials

with Nicole Walsh

NEW Start Date Wednesday 20 May - Saturday 22 May


Most vinyasa classes have a similar format and flavour: sun salutes, flowing sequences of standing and balancing poses, arm balances, hip openers, twists, backbends and forward bends. In each session of this four-part series, we'll dissect different aspects of a vinyasa class, learning the essential foundations to keep your practice healthy and your body feeling great!

Understanding healthy alignment in yoga asana is important, but just as important is learning how to move effortlessly between all asanas, synchronising your movement with your breath, and engaging the essential muscles to support your movement. In this online workshop series, Nicole will guide you through foundational movements and transitions, and help you build your core awareness to create healthy movement. If you're new to yoga, you'll get all the basics down. If you're more experienced, you'll learn the subtle 'micro-movements' that will have you gliding

effortlessly as you flow.





Program Videos