Hero Image Meditate for Life - Sunrise Series

Meditate for Life - Sunrise Series

14 April, 2020 to 17 April, 2020

Meditate for Life


Commit to four consecutive days and learn how to make meditation an enjoyable part of your daily routine that will bring both calm and vibrancy to your life. Meditation is a naturally occurring state for everyone, and the practice is learning to become skilful in the art of accessing the amazing healing powers of our body.

Join Rod for four daily online sessions, where he’ll share ancient knowledge and modern scientific research, followed by a guided practice to help facilitate the skills needed to make meditation a joyful and invaluable part of your daily life.

If you want to learn how to manage stress, find clarity of mind, bring ease to your body and increase energy and vitality, then we encourage you to make time in your day for this life changing practice.  Relevant to both new and existing meditators, this four-part practical workshop series will guide you through an empowering experience that will give you the knowledge and skills for a life-affirming ongoing meditation practice.



14 April, 2020 to 17 April, 2020

4 Session Workshop Series


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