Hero Image Lunar Arts Retreat and Teacher Training

Lunar Arts Retreat and Teacher Training

29 November, 2022 to 4 December, 2022

Join us for a sublime 5-night/6-day immersion into the Lunar Arts of Yoga, with optional Teacher Certification

Heartspace Retreat, Southern Tablelands, NSW

Treat yourself to a retreat like no other, where you'll dive into the 'Lunar' aspect of Tantric Hatha Yoga. Through Lunar-style asana (restorative/yin), pranayama, meditation, guided relaxation and Yoga Nidra, we'll consciously cultivate our restorative, regenerative and healing nature. You'll leave feeling nourished inside and out, with an appreciation for the alchemical blend of yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and time spent in nature.

Enjoy this retreat as sacred time out from your busy life, or take the optional teacher training pathway and attain a 50-hour certificate to share this practice with others (if you're already qualified as a yoga teacher).


Much of modern yoga reflects the solar aspect of being which in a way, is evident in the life of moderns humans, with so much focus on 'doing' and so little focus on 'being'.  Cultivating lunar 'bhavana', or 'feeling state' allows a subtle shift towards being more inwardly attentive, and the practices move towards being more nourishing and healing for the body and mind.  

If you enjoy a 'Yin-style' practice, you'll appreciate the subtlety of the Lunar Arts of yoga. Where a typical Yin yoga class may be very still and static, a Lunar Flow will explore rhythmic, pulsation-type movements that invite curiosity and connection, regenerate the tissues of your body, revive the flow of prana through the energy pathways, and elicit states of deep peace and inner harmony.  Not only will you feel amazing, but through these practices of embodied meditation, you will deepen your inner awareness and discover the inherent healing potential within your own cellular intelligence.

These Lunar practices are accessible and adaptable, and can be suitable for anyone needing to follow a more nourishing rhythm in their yoga practice and life, anyone healing from chronic stress-related illness, and pregnant goddesses looking to nurture themselves through the trimesters of their pregnancy.


  • Morning "Lunar Flow" practices based on the 5-elements of Ayurveda
  • Afternoon "Tantric Yin" practices that reflect the pathways explored in the morning practices, with longer held "mudrasanas", meditation and guided relaxation
  • Cooling and balancing Lunar pranayama, evolutionary kriya practices, and timeless meditation practices from the Tantric yoga tradition
  • Daily guided relaxations and Yoga Nidra
  • Deliciously balanced plant-based, gluten-free wholefood meals - breakfast, lunch, dinner and treats - prepared lovingly by our incredible hostess and wholefood chef, Angie Cowen of Love Life & Gluten Free
  • Twin and triple share accommodation at Heartspace Retreat, a picturesque mud-brick homestead set amongst rolling hills along the Yass River
  • Time to unwind and reset your nervous system with great company, a beautiful natural environment, and maybe even a good book!


  • Sacred alchemy of a Lunar yoga class experience, from gross to subtle
  • The layers of your being - physical body, energy body, mind, emotions, intuition and bliss - understand the wisdom of the Koshas
  • Flowing Lunar-style namaskars to cultivate peace and restfulness
  • Long-held 'mudrasanas' and their effect on the physical body (fascia) and energy body (nadis)
  • Ayurvedic concepts of Prana, Ojas and Tejas that relate to the tridosha, and discover key lifestyle enhancements to cultivate these essences in your own life and daily practice
  • Traditional Sanskrit mantras that cultivate harmonious inner rhythms



  • Language to guide meditative Lunar Flow practices instinctively and effortlessly
  • Explore the physical body as an expression and tool of connection to essence
  • Guide the flow of prana through classical and evolutionary breath practices and kriyas, learn to teach these to your students
  • Skills to guide easy meditations, Lunar relaxation practices and Yoga Nidra
  • Ways to use props and give nurturing hands-on assists
  • Holding space authentically for your students' transformation and healing
  • The power of shunya (silence or space) as a teaching tool
  • Creating the space for a truly relaxing and restorative savasana
  • Illuminating soundscapes for meditation, deep rest and healing


Heartspace Retreat
1300 Yass River Road
Yass River, NSW

(Approximately 3.5 hours drive from Sydney)


Tuesday 29th November to Sunday 4th December, 2022

Arrive by 2pm on Tuesday, depart after 1pm on Sunday


7am-9am - Morning Lunar Flow Practice
9am-10.30am - Breakfast
10.30am-1pm - Morning Session
1pm-2.30pm - Lunch
2.30pm-5pm - Afternoon Teacher Certification Session
5pm-6.30pm - Afternoon Tantric Yin Practice
6.30pm-8pm - Dinner
8pm-9pm - Evening Session & Yoga Nidra


The Radiance Sutras, Dr Lorin Roche PhD 

Tending the Heartfire, Shiva Rea


This retreat is open to anyone! The teacher training component is also open to anyone, however there will be an "assumed knowledge" of concepts that are presented in most 200-hour Yoga Teacher Trainings.   If you are already a yoga teacher with 200-hour level qualifications, you will receive a 50-hour certificate recognised by Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions around your suitability to take the teacher training component of this retreat by contacting teachertraining@inyoga.com.au.


This retreat including the teacher training component, forms part of InYoga’s 300/350 and 500-hour teacher training pathways through Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance.  Participants who have already completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training will receive a 50 hour certificate for this course. There will be a small "homework" assignment to be completed during the sessions, to receive a 50-hour certificate.


Nicole Walsh & Rod Galbraith

Nicole and Rod are the founders of InYoga, passionate educators and life partners.  Over the last decade, they have nurtured a dedicated community of yoga-lovers, aspiring and experienced yoga teachers, and have created integrated pathways to enjoy yoga as daily practice, a lifestyle and a way of cultivating lasting wellbeing of body, mind and heart.  This retreat and teacher training experience is a culmination of a combined 30+ years of teaching yoga and meditation and blends Nicole & Rod's love of yoga and community.


Angie Cowen, Heartspace Retreat

Angie is our beautiful hostess at Heartspace Retreat, and also the founder of Love Life and Gluten Free, an enterprise created to share gluten free wholefoods while helping inspire people to reach their health potential. Angie is a passionate wholefood chef, cookbook author and cooking class expert specialising in gluten free and dairy free food. Her years of experience and love for preparing food that is delicious, nurturing and nourishing is infectious, and you're guaranteed to go home with some inspiration to introduce wholefoods into your wellbeing routine.



Full payment is required at the time of booking

Cancellation and Withdrawal

No refund for cancellations within 30 days of course commencing.

Outside of the 30-day no-refund period, cancellations will incur a $150 administration fee.  Alternatively, you may transfer to any 50-hour Advanced or Empowered Teacher Training Module within 2 years.


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29 November, 2022 to 4 December, 2022

Arrive 2pm on Tuesday 29 November, 2022

Depart 1pm on Sunday 4 December, 2022


Heartspace Retreat Yass River NSW


Retreat with Teacher Certification

$1,850 - Announcement Special ~ Available until 10 August 2022
$1,950 - Early-bird - Available until 29 September 2022
$2,150 -  Full price

Retreat Only without Teacher Certification - less $200 off all pricing options

Please see below for retreat inclusion and cancellation policy

Please note all accommodation is twin or triple share