Hero Image Core Vinyasa to Mandala Flow

Core Vinyasa to Mandala Flow

15 July, 2017 to 5 August, 2017

You asked, we listened! We have heard you want to deepen your yoga practice, to find greater strength and flexibility, expand your awareness of movement and breath, dive into meditation to release stress and learn more about all things yoga.

Introducing the 'Deepen Your Practice' Workshop Series. A series of workshops to advance your knowledge in all things yoga.

Come to the Foundational Workshop in week one where you will be rooted in foundations, modifications, anatomy, breath and general body awareness. This will thread through to the Advanced Workshop in week two where you will play in more advanced variations of poses and deepen your understanding of when, why and how you would choose to advance or modify your practice. 

Saturday 15th July 9:00am - 11:00am

Deepen Your Practice - Core Vinyasa Foundations with Amy Giuliano

Most vinyasa classes have a similar format and flavour: sun salutes, flowing sequences of standing and balancing poses, arm balances, hip openers, twists, backbends and forward bends.  Understanding healthy alignment in the poses is important, but just as important is learning how to move effortly between all asanas, synchronising your movement with your breath, and engaging the essential muslces to support your movement.  In this workshop, you will learn foundational movements and transitions, and build your core awareness to create healthy movement. If you're newer to yoga, you'll get all the basics down. If you're more experienced, you'll learn the subtle 'micro-movements' that will have you gliding effortlessly as you flow.  

Saturday 5th August 1:45pm - 3:45pm

Deepen Your Practice - Mandala Flow Advanced 

Building on the basics learned in Core Vinyasa Foundations, this 'mandala' workshop integrates the essential building blocks of a healthy practice with your own inner energy currents, or 'vayus', to create a practice that is fluid yet powerful. Moving multi-directionally on the mat, a mandala practice gives rise to natural, circular movements that are expressed beautifully in the human body.  Building from simple movements to more complex, this workshop will introduce more advanced asanas such as arm balances and inversions, with modifications for those still in the earlier stages of their yoga journey.  Learn the art of relaxing into action, and take your practice to new realms of awareness, fluidity and strength.


Come along if you want to:

  • Learn more about why we do what we do in yoga
  • Deepen your understanding of healthy alignment for your body, and how to breathe effectively
  • Know when to listen to you body and modify poses
  • Feel safe to build up your practice into more advanced postures
  • Enhance your awareness of energy moving through the asanas
  • Feel grounded and connected to a practice that is relevant to YOUR individual body needs

We encourage you to attend the Foundations followed by the Advanced Workshop, but we do offer both the classes seperately. Each workshop goes for 2-hours and the foundations will thread to what is taught in the advanced workshop. 

 What to bring:

  • a yoga mat (or hire one of ours for $2)
  • a notebook and pen for those "a- ha" moments
  • and open mind and a relatively empty belly


15 July, 2017 to 5 August, 2017

Saturday 15th July 9:00am - 11:00am

Core Vinyasa Foundations

Saturday 5th August 1:45pm - 3:45pm

Mandala Flow Advanced


InYoga Studio, Surry Hills


FREE to Members Annual or Auto

Non- members $45 per individual workshop

Non- members $80 for both workshops booked together

Cancellation policy: No refund for cancellation within 48 hours of the event. If you are a member and cannot make it, please let us know 48hrs before the event so we can give your place to a stand by student.