Our Awesome Teachers

1 April, 2014

The backbone to every yoga studio is its teachers - they're the ones on the front line sharing their passion for yoga, their wisdom and inspiration. We're pleased to say that our teachers are not only passionate about yoga and wellbeing, but they are also heart-felt, fun-loving and enjoy sharing from their own personal experiences of yoga and life!

About our New Studio

1 April, 2014

We’ve poured a lot of love into our studio design, and are delighted to offer you two spacious rooms with lime-washed timber floors, high warehouse-style ceilings and mood lighting, creating a relaxed ambience to go deep in your practice.

The Heart and Soul of Yoga

17 January, 2014

Chia Breakfast Pudding

16 January, 2014

Edo & Jo

5 December, 2013

Humming bee breath

3 December, 2013