InYoga Member Profile - February

9 February, 2015

Regular InYogi, Katie Green (a social worker and artist) has been working with a group of Afghani refugees in Fairfield to create a film of their life experiences. It’s this challenging project that brings Katie into the studio at least three times a week to help her “get out of her head and into her body” says Katie.

The Super Simple Christmas Muddle

16 December, 2014

A light, simple drink with the refreshing and cooling properties of mint, cucumber and lime to keep you cool this Christmas. By Sally Murphy-Blunt

The InYoga 10 Minute Practice

11 December, 2014

The InYoga 10 minute practice (the first 5 minutes is in bed!) How to keep flexible, strong (and sane) over the Christmas break.

Yogi Q&A October

29 October, 2014

InYoga is built on a strong community spirit and we love watching our students' practices grow and expand. Meet Brad Johnson. You may have seen Brad in your yin classes or at our reception sharing the latest photos of his precious bees!

Asana Spotlight Virabhadrasana II (Warrior II)

29 October, 2014

Do you struggle to find the sweet spot in Warrior II? Do your thighs burn as you beg your teacher to call the next pose? Learn how the myth of this strong standing posture can help you realize your full potential in the pose.

Cinnamon Tahini Coconut Bliss Balls

29 October, 2014

A fantastic alternative to chocolate, the flavours in this recipe are beautifully balanced between the sesame and cinnamon.

Finding The Balance

13 August, 2014

At InYoga, we believe self-transformation shouldn't be painful. While it isn't always a pleasant experience to discard old habits and replace them with healthy ones, there is absolutely no reason why going to a yoga class should feel like stepping into a battlezone.

Kale & Broccoli Soup

12 August, 2014

This soup is delicious, alkalising and ever so simple to make plus, with the addition of the unpastuerised miso paste at the end, the soup includes beneficial bacteria.

Winter Warmers - Fresh Ginger Tea

9 June, 2014

Why go out and by tea bags when you can make yourself a piping hot cup of freshly brewed ginger tea that's good for your digestion and your immune system.

Yoga Class Offerings

1 April, 2014

We offer primarily Vinyasa classes - an approach to yoga that involves transitioning gracefully from one pose to the next, synchronizing breath and movement into a seamless flow. Vinyasa yoga is an evolutionary path that explores all possibilities of breath and movement, cultivating sensitivity, subtlety and adaptability.